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Daoud Kuttab
By Daoud Kuttab - Feb 20,2019
As a result of the Israeli occupation, and specifically after the Oslo Accords, East Jerusalem has been isolated.
By Daoud Kuttab - Feb 13,2019
The general amnesty draft law that the government of Omar Razzaz presented to Parliament gave many in Jordan a reason to have hope.
By Daoud Kuttab - Feb 06,2019
Palestinian foreign ministry officials were in a quandary in recent months.
By Daoud Kuttab - Jan 30,2019
The decision by the powerful Fateh Central Committee to replace Palestinian prime minister Rami Hamdallah’s government with a Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) government, headed by a member of the central committee, is likely to shake up Palestinian politics.Until now, the
By Daoud Kuttab - Jan 23,2019
States normally fail when the smaller identities of individuals become more important than the larger identity. In Lebanon, when being Muslim or Christian, Druze or Shiite became more important than being Lebanese, the country was embroiled in a terrible civil war.
By Daoud Kuttab - Jan 16,2019
Just in case people forget, there is a territory in the Middle East called the Gaza Strip, where nearly 2 million Palestinians live in a politically instigated economic deprivation.
By Daoud Kuttab - Jan 09,2019
I spent a couple of hours waiting in line this week at the Qalandiya checkpoint. Our home in Kufur Aqab lies beyond the ugly Israeli concrete wall that forces us to wait a long time to pass through an Israeli checkpoint, even though our car carries an Israeli licence plate.
By Daoud Kuttab - Jan 02,2019
Palestinians have, for years, prided themselves for espousing and implementing democratic values. Palestinians joined the revolution and its various forums on the basis that it was founded on the concept of sharing in the national decision making.
By Daoud Kuttab - Dec 26,2018
After years of indecision, the Palestinian leadership has taken a bold step this week. Armed with a ruling by the Palestinian Constitutional Court, President Mahmoud Abbas announced the dissolving of the 132-member Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC).
By Daoud Kuttab - Dec 19,2018
The event was vintage Christmassy. The ornaments filled Al Hussein Cultural Centre in downtown Amman on Tuesday, the music played well-known Christmas carols and the religious dignitaries were all among the invitees.



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