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David Miliband
By David Miliband - Feb 22,2015
Ukraine’s crisis should not blind us to the main conundrum of global affairs today: while the world is more peaceful than it has been for 300 years, when measured by the number of wars between states, the level of disorder is rising. In fact, there is growing anarchy in th
By David Miliband - Aug 17,2014
Africa is changing dramatically — and so are outsiders’ attitudes towards it, with the US finally seeming determined to catch up with China, Europe and India in their interest in the continent. US President Barack Obama’s recent summit with 40 African heads of
By David Miliband - Jun 23,2014
After more than a thousand days of death and misery, two important recent public statements show why policy towards Syria must enter a new phase of intensity and focus. Last month, US President Barack Obama, in setting out his broader foreign policy stance, spoke of Syria’


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