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Elizabeth Drew
By Elizabeth Drew - Nov 10,2021
WASHINGTON, DC — Perhaps the Democratic Party’s downhill slide can be well-attested by President Joe Biden and his top congressional allies. But their job is daunting.
By Elizabeth Drew - Oct 19,2021
 WASHINGTON, DC — When the election gods handed Joe Biden the presidency in 2020, they set a trap that he walked right into.
By Elizabeth Drew - Sep 12,2021
WASHINGTON, DC — It is far from clear that President Joe Biden deserves the obloquy heaped on him for the US evacuation from Afghanistan.
By Elizabeth Drew - May 19,2021
WASHINGTON, DC — This period in US history could go down as the moment when America’s democratic system for electing a president — the most consequential duty of US citizens — was broken, perhaps for good.True, the US constitution’s promise and central premise — that the people e
By Elizabeth Drew - Apr 28,2021
WASHINGTON, DC — Two books recently appeared that shed light on highly important aspects of US politics.
By Elizabeth Drew - Apr 10,2021
WASHINGTON, DC — More often than anyone might think, ample grounds exist for wondering why anyone would want to be president of the United States.
By Elizabeth Drew - Mar 15,2021
WASHINGTON, DC — The most significant thing that President Joe Biden said in his first prime-time address, on Thursday, March 11, was that in recent years, “We lost faith in whether our government and our democracy can deliver on really hard things for the American people.” It wa
By Elizabeth Drew - Feb 20,2021
WASHINGTON, DC  —  The US Senate’s failure to convict Donald Trump for instigating the January 6 riot in the Capitol, for which the House of Representatives had impeached him, leaves the question of whether the US Congress has any effective means of holding a president
By Elizabeth Drew - Feb 02,2021
WASHINGTON, DC  —  Joe Biden knows enough about the US presidency to understand that the first few weeks are the easiest and most pleasant.
By Elizabeth Drew - Oct 28,2020
WASHINGTON, DC — Following the US elections on November 3, although its final resolution may take longer, the partisan arrangements of almost the entire US federal government are subject to change.



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