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Elizabeth Drew
By Elizabeth Drew - Jun 10,2020
WASHINGTON, DC — It has been a calamity for the United States that, when two national tragedies, the COVID-19 crisis and the country’s legacy of racism, collided this spring, the occupant of the White House was an unstable person, totally unfit to govern.President Donald Trump’s
By Elizabeth Drew - Feb 24,2020
WASHINGTON, DC — The US presidential election in November is the most consequential in modern history.
By Elizabeth Drew - Feb 08,2020
WASHINGTON, DC — The fateful collision over whether US President Donald Trump should be removed from office revealed the alarming fragility of the Constitution that Americans have relied on for more than 200 years to maintain their democratic system.
By Elizabeth Drew - Jan 27,2020
WASHINGTON, DC — The recent tense, dangerous exchanges between the United States and Iran have revealed a great deal about US President Donald Trump’s management of his foreign policy. The main conclusion is that he does not have one.
By Elizabeth Drew - Dec 23,2019
WASHINGTON, DC — Much as he mocked the process for months, US President Donald Trump very much did not want to be impeached. No president does; it’s an ineradicable stain on their record. And Trump has just about never in his life been called to account.
By Elizabeth Drew - Nov 13,2019
WASHINGTON, DC — The most dismaying thing about the impeachment proceedings against US President Donald Trump is that they are falling so short of the constitutional gravamen of the issue.
By Elizabeth Drew - Oct 16,2019
WASHINGTON, DC — For the first time, reasonable people in the United States have begun to speculate that President Donald Trump could be convicted by the Senate and thus removed from office.
By Elizabeth Drew - Oct 04,2019
WASHINGTON, DC — US President Donald Trump’s presidency is in peril. He’s likely to be impeached (the equivalent of an indictment) by the House of Representatives, and it cannot be ruled out entirely that the Senate will vote to convict him and thus remove him from office.
By Elizabeth Drew - Sep 16,2019
WASHINGTON, DC — As the US Congress reconvenes this week after a six-week recess, the administration is mired in controversies, almost all of them set off by President Donald Trump.
By Elizabeth Drew - Aug 15,2019
 WASHINGTON, DC — After every mass shooting in the United States, Americans and others around the world are confronted with the question of what lies behind this distinctly American horror.



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