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Eric Posner
By Eric Posner - Jan 02,2021
CHICAGO — As US President Donald Trump’s single term limps to an end, we should revisit a question that has dominated mainstream punditry for the past four years: Was America on the brink of an authoritarian takeover?
By Eric Posner - Dec 08,2020
CHICAGO — The all-but-completed US presidential election has upset a range of lurid predictions.
By Eric Posner - Nov 07,2020
CHICAGO — Joe Biden has survived a grueling election campaign and a cliff-hanger election. Next, he must fend off legal challenges from US President Donald Trump’s campaign.
By Eric Posner - Oct 19,2020
CHICAGO — Next month’s United States election is not about policy, nor is it even about President Donald Trump. It is about America’s constitutional system. This is not to suggest that the election could end that system.
By Eric Posner - Aug 11,2020
CHICAGO — With Joe Biden’s lead in the polls, many Democrats and Republican Never-Trumpers are increasingly optimistic that US President Donald Trump will lose in November. But it would be a mistake to count Trump out.
By Eric Posner - Oct 01,2019
CHICAGO — America’s Democrats have made a serious mistake by launching impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.



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