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Gordon Brown
By Gordon Brown - Mar 10,2018
LONDON — No international institution has done as much for children’s schooling on the ground for as long as the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).
By Gordon Brown - Mar 06,2018
LONDON — They lie about 241 kilometres apart in the vast brushlands of northern Nigeria, but the towns of Chibok and Dapchi have a tragic bond: both have been targets of large-scale kidnappings of schoolgirls by the extremist group Boko Haram.
By Gordon Brown - Sep 18,2017
From Syria to Myanmar, children caught in the crossfire of conflict are victims of a double betrayal.Forced out of their homes in the biggest refugee crisis since World War II, they have now become the innocent victims of a broken promise that they would, even as refugees, be abl
By Gordon Brown - May 21,2017
In a confrontational world where protectionism is on the rise, multilateralism has become an easy target for criticism.But those who doubt its value must have short memories.
By Gordon Brown - Feb 02,2017
In Aleppo, the devastated Syrian city and former rebel stronghold that has now been retaken by Syrian government forces, there was a glimmer of hope even as the bombs were falling.Amid the ruins, learning endured, as 15 young Syrians prepared for their university exams.They could
By Gordon Brown - Oct 30,2016
Supporting the millions of newly displaced people of the Middle East demands resources far beyond the capacity of the United Nations, and is a continuous humanitarian-aid challenge for companies, foundations and public sector donors.While UN peacekeepers are financed by a system
By Gordon Brown - Oct 17,2016
An estimated quarter of a million young people in Syria are missing out on college as a result of the civil war there. Now, thanks to the Institute of International Education, charities, philanthropists and foundations have united to help refugee students find higher-educati
By Gordon Brown - Sep 22,2016
In his 1952 novel “Invisible Man”, Ralph Ellison famously portrayed American blacks as silent, long-suffering and entirely unnoticed by the majority white population.In 2016, there is a new — and global — invisible class: the 260 million boys and girls who are currently denied ac
By Gordon Brown - Jul 13,2016
Britain got a new prime minister on July 13, but the country’s post-European Union future remains uncertain.Indeed, prolonged delays are likely in implementing the voters’ decision to leave the EU.The first uncertainty is the date when exit negotiations will start.The process sho
By Gordon Brown - Jun 18,2016
Can the United Kingdom ever reconcile itself to being part of Europe?If recent British newspaper headlines about the June 23 referendum on continued European Union membership are any guide, the answer appears to be a decisive “no”.Proponents of leaving the EU have campaigned on f



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