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Jawad Anani
By Jawad Anani - Feb 11,2019
In very dignified tone and posture, His Majesty King Abdullah delivered a message to the Jordanian people and the Arab world on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the passing of King Hussein, his father.
By Jawad Anani - Feb 04,2019
His Majesty King Abdullah was born on January 30, 1962, making him 57 years young. At about the same time, I travelled that year to California to study at CAL POLY in Pomona.
By Jawad Anani - Jan 28,2019
Davos is a place where leaders of governments and business come together to issue their judgment on the world situation. They butter up the mundane situation with the presence of high caliber and world-renowned thinkers.
By Jawad Anani - Jan 21,2019
The above title is as big as the world itself. Yet, the theme has been the subject of a new book published in 2019 and penned by Amani Jarrar, an associate professor at Philadelphia University in Jordan.
By Jawad Anani - Jan 14,2019
Mustafa Hamarneh finally came, through the Economic and Social Council (ESC) that he chairs, with a voluminous report on Jordan, titled “State of the Country”.
By Jawad Anani - Jan 07,2019
I met Michel Marto in the summer of 1969, when I travelled to California to visit my first university, California State Polytechnic University.
By Jawad Anani - Dec 31,2018
A Pythagorean would love the holiest of all numbers, and that is 10. You can draw four rows of one, two, three and four and the total would be 10, which can multiply or degrade numbers quantumly. I love numbers and the tricks associated with them.
By Jawad Anani - Dec 24,2018
Since the general prosecutor has banned the publication of news on the trial of cigarette smuggler Awni Mutee, who had been extradited to Jordan from Turkey, I shall not write any news on the proceedings.
By Jawad Anani - Dec 17,2018
In William Shakespeare’s comedy “Much Ado About Nothing”, an avid reader may find tantalisingly funny quotes. The original title of the play, written between 1598 and 1599, was “Much Ado Over Noting”.
By Jawad Anani - Dec 10,2018
When I give a lecture, I am often confronted during the Q&A session with the question: “Why did you change your mind on this issue after you left government?” Well, I have not found the proper answer, until last week.I was surfing the Internet, searching for the year in which



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