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Jayati Ghosh
By Jayati Ghosh - Feb 23,2019
NEW DELHI — Mainstream economics has a tendency to decide on some “established” conclusions, and then hold to them, notwithstanding all evidence to the contrary.
By Jayati Ghosh - Jan 20,2019
NEW DELHI — Last year was a watershed for gender relations. The #MeToo movement rocked establishments around the world, forcing even powerful men to face public scrutiny for their behaviour towards women.
By Jayati Ghosh - Dec 23,2018
NEW DELHI — It is now official: Workers around the world are falling behind.
By Jayati Ghosh - Oct 04,2018
NEW DELHI — US President Donald Trump grabs the most headlines, but the cult of the strongman leader is most developed in Asia.
By Jayati Ghosh - Sep 23,2018
NEW DELHI — For most critics of globalisation, trade is the villain, responsible for deepening inequality and rising economic insecurity among workers. This is the logic driving support for US President Donald Trump’s escalating tariffs.


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