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John V. Whitbeck
By John V. Whitbeck - Dec 06,2015
The Western world has reacted to the “terrorist” shooting spree in Paris with near-hysteria, immediately intensifying its own lethal violence in the Middle East.Israel is branding as a wave of “terrorism” the continuing suicidal attacks by hope-deprived Palestinian children armed
By John V. Whitbeck - Nov 28,2015
For French President François Hollande, the attacks in Paris on November 13, carried out by French and Belgian citizens, changed everything.His prior, oft-repeated, mantra that “Assad must go” was consigned to the memory hole, defeating and destroying Daesh became France’s urgent
By John V. Whitbeck - Oct 18,2015
Since the current upsurge of violence in Israel and occupied Palestine began, numerous foreign leaders, as well as the UN Security Council, have cited the urgent need to restore “calm”.It is not calm, a euphemism for Palestinian submission, that is urgently needed but, rather, ge
By John V. Whitbeck - Aug 09,2015
The choice facing members of the US Congress in September’s “disapproval” votes could scarcely be clearer and has nothing to do with the merits of the international agreement reached on July 14 with respect to Iran’s nuclear programme.Whether one believes that there was a genuine
By John V. Whitbeck - Jun 07,2015
June 5 marked the 48th anniversary of the “preemptive” attack on Egypt with which Israel launched the fateful 1967 war that permitted the Zionist movement to complete its conquest of historical Palestine.As the “State of Palestine” (the legal designation for the 22 per cent of hi
By John V. Whitbeck - Dec 17,2014
The European Parliament, after a late compromise in pursuit of consensus, passed on December 17, by a vote of 498 to 88 with 111 abstentions, a resolution stating that it “supports in principle recognition of Palestinian statehood and the two-state solution and believes the
By John V. Whitbeck - Nov 06,2014
Naftali Bennett, Israel’s minister of the economy and leader of the Jewish Home Party, a major component of the current Israeli government, is widely seen as the politician on the rise in Israel and a potential successor to Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister after the nex
By John V. Whitbeck - Oct 14,2014
On October 12, at a donors’ conference in Cairo, participants pledged $5.4 billion towards the reconstruction of Gaza.  However, numerous participants noted that repeatedly paying to reconstruct what had been destroyed — and was likely to be destroyed again &mda
By John V. Whitbeck - Aug 21,2014
After the breakdown in the six-day “pause” to permit negotiations on a long-term Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire and the resumption of Israel’s onslaught against the caged people of Gaza, concerned people everywhere are wondering how the conflicting demands o
By John V. Whitbeck - May 18,2014
Now that the American-monopolised “peace process” has expired, Europe should seize the initiative and try to do something useful for Israelis, Palestinians and peace. If European states still believe that a decent “two-state solution” is conceivable, seve



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