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Jonathan Power
By Jonathan Power - Jul 20,2017
China, since the days in 1793 and the mission of Earl Macartney, emissary of King George III, has kept its distance from the West, preferring to be “as self-contained as a billiard ball”, to quote the great historian Alain Peyrefitte.It was Peyrefitte who argued in “The Collision
By Jonathan Power - Jul 13,2017
It goes back to the French revolution of 1789.
By Jonathan Power - Jul 06,2017
Three days ago, I was standing in Moscow in front of a statue of presidents Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev crafted by master sculptor, Alexander Bourganov.I was the only journalist invited to speak.
By Jonathan Power - Jun 29,2017
The United Nations is often scapegoated for falling short of its peacekeeping troops and deployments.Why are they not in Syria or Yemen, Libya or along the Palestinian-Israeli border?Why did the US and the UK make it impossible for the few UN troops present at the onset of the ge
By Jonathan Power - Jun 22,2017
Frederick the Great of Prussia was a friend of Voltaire’s and enjoyed ribald evenings with the philosopher, discussing the intricacies of life’s dos and don’ts.Before becoming king, he was persuaded by Voltaire to become a pacifist.
By Jonathan Power - Jun 16,2017
“The best lack all conviction”, wrote Irish poet William Yeats, “while the worst are full of passionate intensity.”Is this not true of America today?Some of the “best” are working to bring down President Donald Trump, yet are they ready to cut to the chase?He has cards up his sle
By Jonathan Power - Jun 08,2017
It was all smiles out on the range last week when, against a deep blue sky, an American interceptor rocket took out an incoming “enemy” long-range, missile (which in a real attack would be carrying a nuclear warhead).Generals and congressmen and women jumped for joy.But what was
By Jonathan Power - Jun 01,2017
In a maudlin sort of way, there is a funny story that Zbigniew Brzezinski, who died on Friday, sometimes told about when he was national security adviser to president Jimmy Carter.It was his job to take any calls from the military on a suspected incoming nuclear attack.
By Jonathan Power - May 25,2017
Donald Trump is the antithesis of leadership.Walking into the cauldron of the Middle East and denouncing Iran when it had just — almost at the same moment — reelected as president a man who presided over the deal that de-fanged his country’s nuclear programme and whose support is
By Jonathan Power - May 18,2017
During the French presidential election, no candidate talked about France’s nuclear weapons.In Britain, the subject has been raised in its election in an attempt to undermine the Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn.But the long-time anti-bomb activist compromised his views, saying



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