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Jorge G. Castañeda
By Jorge G. Castañeda - Mar 24,2016
Barack Obama’s visit to Cuba is undoubtedly a historic moment, as it marks the first time in 88 years that a sitting American president has set foot on the island.But superlatives are far less useful than a pragmatic look at the practical implications — for both the United States
By Jorge G. Castañeda - Jan 07,2016
Demagogues and populists like US presidential candidate Donald Trump and French National Front leader Marine Le Pen are setting Western politics alight.But in Latin America, populist leaders are losing support: Argentina’s Cristina Kirchner has just been voted out of office; in V
By Jorge G. Castañeda - Sep 28,2015
Four Central American countries — Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua — are struggling, still burdened by the legacy of the last century’s wars.They are resilient yet incomplete democracies, challenged by poverty, violence and corruption — and all but forgotten by the
By Jorge G. Castañeda - Sep 14,2015
Even as much of Latin America engages in almost hyperbolic celebrations over the renewed diplomatic ties between Cuba and the United States, the continent is facing two major challenges.
By Jorge G. Castañeda - Dec 21,2014
The phone call between United States President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raúl Castro, followed by the exchange of an American prisoner for three Cuban intelligence agents detained in the US, marked the most important moment in the countries’ bilateral relation
By Jorge G. Castañeda - Jul 07,2014
The conventional wisdom in Latin America is that the combination of economic growth, representative democracy, and middle-class expansion has led the region into a trap, with citizens’ expectations rising faster than governments’ ability to fulfill them. The frustrat
By Jorge G. Castañeda - Apr 06,2014
By all indications, the international community has resigned itself to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Crimean “landgrab”, as US Vice President Joe Biden has called it. Once Putin decided he wanted to assume the consequences of his acts, there was very littl



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