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Kamel Abu Jaber
By Kamel Abu Jaber - May 28,2018
I was a boy of l6, a student in high school, when Israel was created in l948.
By Kamel Abu Jaber - Dec 16,2017
The Trump declaration should have come as no more than a disappointment to us Arabs, as it was no more than a confirmation of Western efforts to dominate the heart of the Arab world; the Fertile Crescent straddling as it does the land, waterways and airways between the continents
By Kamel Abu Jaber - Apr 09,2017
Martin Luther’s “opening” of the Bible, especially the Old Testament, to his followers caused Western Christians, initially Protestants and, five centuries later, Catholics, to rediscover the link between Christianity and Judaism.The licence given to the average man to read the B
By Kamel Abu Jaber - Feb 15,2014
For us in Jordan, the Palestinian problem has always been a most important challenge. Since the establishment of the state of Jordan in 1921, this reality has not changed.


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