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Kamel S. Abu Jaber
By Kamel S. Abu Jaber - May 11,2016
It is a fact of history that nations, like individuals, can become driven by certain forces into a state of mind, a mindset, from whose grip it is very difficult to escape.Ideology, often religiously rooted, sometimes secular, may whip not just an individual but an entire nation
By Kamel S. Abu Jaber - Mar 18,2015
It is my view that the only way to fight or vanquish one idea is to replace it with another one. If we have learned anything from our history, it is that once an idea has been introduced, no matter how trivial, confused or extreme, it will strike roots among some people who will
By Kamel S. Abu Jaber - Aug 03,2014
The war on Gaza, precipitated by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his politics of brinkmanship and double daring, has turned out to have historical implications not only for Israel but for the entire Western world. To the West, it is proving that there are limits to
By Kamel S. Abu Jaber - Jun 24,2014
I felt a certain sense of pride, but also of sadness, as I read The Jordan Times editorial of June 19, 2014, particularly when it stated that “it is unfortunate and regrettable that young people should disappear into thin air, … and if, as believed by many, they
By Kamel S. Abu Jaber - May 05,2014
I find myself extremely surprised at the reaction to my article “The Zionist big lie and the task ahead”, published in The Jordan Times on April 28, 2014.  The protestations of both the Israeli embassy in Amman and the Israeli foreign ministry to the Jordan
By Kamel S. Abu Jaber - Apr 27,2014
Influential American writer of the late 19th century H.L.



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