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Kenneth Rogoff
By Kenneth Rogoff - Aug 08,2023
CAMBRIDGE — Who should pay for Ukraine’s postwar reconstruction? Shortly after Russia’s invasion, my co-authors and I estimated that it would cost roughly $220-550 billion to rebuild the country and called for Europe to spearhead the recovery effort.
By Kenneth Rogoff - Jun 01,2023
 CAMBRIDGE — The tentative deal that was just struck to raise the United States’ debt ceiling won’t make the problem go away. Partisan standoffs over the federal debt limit have become a predictable feature of American political life.
By Kenneth Rogoff - Oct 09,2022
CAMBRIDGE — The chess world is reeling from an accusation of cheating that has generated headlines around the world, even drawing a response from Elon Musk.
By Kenneth Rogoff - Mar 07,2022
CAMBRIDGE  —  Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine should be a wake-up call for Western politicians, corporate leaders, and economists who advocate a green and equitable future but lack any practical or strategic sense of how to get there.
By Kenneth Rogoff - Oct 04,2021
CAMBRIDGE — The impending bankruptcy of Chinese real estate giant Evergrande, with its $300 billion in debt, has roiled global investors.
By Kenneth Rogoff - Aug 08,2021
CAMBRIDGE — Judging by the number of times phrases such as “equitable growth” and “the distributional footprint of monetary policy” appear in central bankers’ speeches nowadays, it is clear that monetary policymakers are feeling the heat as concerns about the rise of inequality c
By Kenneth Rogoff - Jun 06,2021
CAMBRIDGE — Ransomware — a type of malicious software that restricts access to a computer system until a ransom is paid — is not a good look for cryptocurrencies.
By Kenneth Rogoff - May 08,2021
CAMBRIDGE — What is remarkable about the increase in nationalist sentiment across the developed world in recent years is that it is occurring at a time when many of today’s most pressing challenges, including climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic, are fundamentally global prob
By Kenneth Rogoff - Nov 21,2020
CAMBRIDGE — With alternative assets such as gold and Bitcoin thriving in the pandemic, some top economists are predicting a sharp fall in the US dollar. This could yet happen.
By Kenneth Rogoff - Nov 14,2020
CAMBRIDGE — Why are stock-market valuations soaring when the real economy remains so fragile? One factor has become increasingly clear: The crisis has disproportionately affected small businesses and low-income service workers.



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