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Mahmoud N. Zidan
By Mahmoud N. Zidan - Sep 07,2017
A few months ago, while walking inside a building, I could not help but notice an advertisement on a bulletin board.The advertisement promotes a course that targets learners of English as a foreign language in Jordan.
By Mahmoud N. Zidan - Jun 08,2017
Ever since he told me about it a few years ago, I was unable to erase it from my memory.
By Mahmoud N. Zidan - Mar 28,2017
Last Thursday, the Royal Jordanian Airlines satirically tweeted 12 recommendations to its passengers because of the US and UK governments’ ban of electronic devices that are larger than “smart” phones on direct flights to their countries.The recommendations are: “Read a book, enj
By Mahmoud N. Zidan - Feb 27,2017
Four years ago, I heard the story of a Yemeni who had to crouch down in the back of a merchandise-packed truck.
By Mahmoud N. Zidan - Jan 29,2017
Very few had seen the massacring of Palestinians, the destruction of Palestine and the expulsion of Palestinians en masse in 1948. One may have seen a documentary on or read about the tragedy, but it is never the same as seeing and bearing witness to it firsthand.Yet, in the
By Mahmoud N. Zidan - Jan 21,2017
Last week witnessed another case of plagiarism in US politics.
By Mahmoud N. Zidan - Dec 28,2016
Like all Jordanians, I spent last Sunday evening watching and reading the news about the terrorist attack in Karak.While following the updates, I was trying to understand the human losses — or rather sacrifices — brought about by a group of cynics and misanthropists who reject ot
By Mahmoud N. Zidan - Dec 19,2016
At 8 pm Paris time, on December 14, the lights of the Eiffel Tower were turned out.According to the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, the act was a gesture of solidarity with the besieged people of Aleppo, who are still suffering under the brutal Syrian and Russian armies’ shelling o
By Mahmoud N. Zidan - Nov 26,2016
While driving the other Friday, I could not help but notice the hustle and bustle of olive pickers: the combined joy of their gathering together, eating out under an olive tree, chitchatting, joking and occasionally singing, all of which interspersed with shouts of children playi
By Mahmoud N. Zidan - Oct 18,2016
Like his predecessors, the incumbent prime minister of the Israeli colonial state, Benjamin Netanyahu, never fails to make one’s face twitch.In response to the UNESCO draft resolution that emphasises the indissoluble connection between Al Haram Al Sharif (the Noble Sanctuary) and



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