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Marwan Al Husayni
By Marwan Al Husayni - Jun 09,2013
The relation between religion and the media, in light of the problematic concept of freedom, was examined in Beit Mery, Lebanon, this week.An exciting conference, in which I participated, addressed this complex triangle in a context of post-Arab Spring tensions.Participants of va
By Marwan Al Husayni - May 30,2013
When writing about social issues in the Arab world, special focus needs to be placed on religion.Religion has the strongest and most effective impact on the social fabric throughout the region.
By Marwan Al Husayni - May 31,2012
Facebook is as popular in Jordan as it is everywhere. It is a leading forum through which popular moods and trends can be examined. Yet, it is not a deep-rooted part of the wider popular culture in the country, though it is a phenomenon.
By Marwan Al Husayni - May 14,2012
I had the privilege to be in contact with two of the world’s revolutionary professors and thinkers. Both are deceased now. Mohammed Arkoun died in September 2010, Kamal Salibi died in September 2011.
By Marwan Al Husayni - Apr 28,2012
Rajae Qawas is an excellent Jordanian stand-up comedian. He is skillful, surprising and connected to the themes that are of strong importance to the youth and community. Rajae is also bold in his criticism of negative trends and behaviours.
By Marwan Al Husayni - Apr 21,2012
The plot of the 2004 movie “Shortcut to Happiness”, which I watched recently, goes like this: Jabez Stone is a complete loser; he is not able to sell his novels; he lives in a lousy apartment and does not have success with women. Stone sells his soul to the devil for success.
By Marwan Al Husayni - Apr 10,2012
“Islamophobia” is a term that came into common use after the September 11, 2001, attacks in the United States. It refers to the hatred and fear of Islam and Muslims in certain Western contexts.This is history now.
By Marwan Al Husayni - Mar 29,2012
by Marwan Al Husayni | Mar 29,2012 | 22:49Churches in the Arab region are a spiritual heritage, and no one has the right to tamper with them in the name of religion, politics or ideology.Christianity in the East is a basic component of civilisation that cannot be abandoned or dam


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