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Marwan M. Obeidat
By Marwan M. Obeidat - Jan 17,2018
Many of us in the academy (myself included), particularly those from business backgrounds, no longer look at universities as seats of knowledge and academic merit, but, more so nowadays, as “corporates”.
By Marwan M. Obeidat - Jan 10,2018
When much attention is given to higher education today, it is necessary to reconsider the role of the university in an ever changing and globalising world. For universities are seats of knowledge that cannot be separated from their regional and international societies.
By Marwan M. Obeidat - Jan 03,2018
Up to 1699, the year that witnessed the culmination of the centuries-long Ottoman threat to Europe, when the Treaty of Karlowitz between the Ottoman Empire and Austria, Poland and Venice was signed, it was through hostility and suspicion the West (including America down the road)
By Marwan M. Obeidat - Dec 27,2017
Historically, the relationship between our part of the world and the West (including the US) was first troubled by virulent and agitating mediaeval wars spanning more than two centuries, only to be aggravated further by the dreaded Ottoman threat.
By Marwan M. Obeidat - Dec 20,2017
Known as Al Quds in Arabic, Jerusalem is one of the most ancient cities in the world. The Muslim Dome of the Rock (where Prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven) and the Al Aqsa Mosque are one of the city’s and Islam’s holiest sites.



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