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Michael Bröning
By Michael Bröning - Jul 02,2019
BERLIN — If current polling trends continue, the next German chancellor could well be Robert Habeck, the co-leader of the Greens.
By Michael Bröning - Oct 13,2018
BERLIN — If opinion polls counted as elections, large parts of Germany would already be governed by the far right. In several eastern German states, the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) has established itself as the strongest political force.
By Michael Bröning - Jun 21,2018
BERLIN — Europe’s established left is facing the threat of extinction. In less than two years, the continent’s social-democratic parties have suffered historic losses in France, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy.
By Michael Bröning - Sep 19,2017
As Germany prepares for this month’s federal election, the country seems remarkably resistant to the populist challenge that other Western societies have faced.With the right-wing populist Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) and their far-left competitors Die Linke both hovering at


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