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Michael J. Boskin
By Michael J. Boskin - Aug 28,2019
STANFORD — Recession fears are gripping Europe and spreading globally. Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union now seems imminent, and Italy’s government has just imploded.
By Michael J. Boskin - Mar 11,2019
STANFORD — With the first debate between Democratic candidates just four months away, the 2020 US presidential campaign is off to an early start.
By Michael J. Boskin - Dec 30,2018
STANFORD — For many of the world’s economies, financial markets, heads of government and carbon policies, 2018 did not end well.
By Michael J. Boskin - Aug 27,2018
STANFORD — The US economy is growing, inflation has finally hit the US Federal Reserve’s 2 per cent target, and unemployment is quite low, and at an all-time low for African Americans and Hispanics.
By Michael J. Boskin - Jun 20,2018
STANFORD — Italy’s new minister of economy and finance, Giovanni Tria, has sought to reassure financial markets that the new Five Star Movement/League coalition government will neither abandon the euro nor blow up the budget deficit in violation of EU fiscal rules.
By Michael J. Boskin - Apr 26,2018
STANFORD — Technology and the largest tech firms are becoming increasingly controversial.
By Michael J. Boskin - Mar 19,2018
STANFORD — If one looks past the headlines of the media’s full-time Donald Trump coverage, one can discern a global shift in political, economic and cultural forces that might prove far more consequential for America and the world than the actual Trump presidency.
By Michael J. Boskin - May 27,2017
What do the leaks of unflattering e-mail from the Democratic National Committee’s hacked servers during the 2016 US presidential election campaign and the deafening hour-long emergency-warning siren in Dallas, Texas, have in common?It is the same thing that links the North Korean
By Michael J. Boskin - Dec 31,2015
Over the last year, global growth has been anaemic — and the forecast is only slightly better for 2016.Something must be done to boost incomes and expand opportunities for people everywhere.Here are some economic resolutions that could bring good cheer in the new year and beyond.
By Michael J. Boskin - Nov 02,2015
Following the conclusion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) by 12 Pacific Rim countries, debates about the costs and benefits of trade liberalisation are intensifying.The early leaders in the United States’ presidential campaign, both the Republican Donald Trump and the Democ



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