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Mohamed A. El-Erian
By Mohamed A. El-Erian - Aug 18,2019
NEW YORK — It is only a matter of time until the escalating tensions between China and the United States prompt many more economists to warn of an impending global economic recession coupled with financial instability.
By Mohamed A. El-Erian - Jun 13,2019
LONDON — Data released over the next few months will show that the current US economic expansion is the longest on record.
By Mohamed A. El-Erian - May 27,2019
NEW YORK — Debates about inflation in advanced economies have changed remarkably over the past decades.
By Mohamed A. El-Erian - Oct 31,2018
PARIS — Global markets, policymakers and risk managers are watching the budget skirmish between Italy’s government and the European Commission closely.
By Mohamed A. El-Erian - Aug 29,2018
LAGUNA BEACH — Whether by accident or design, Turkey is trying to rewrite the chapter on crisis management in the emerging-market playbook.
By Mohamed A. El-Erian - Apr 12,2018
CAMBRIDGE — The trade confrontation between the United States and China is heating up.
By Mohamed A. El-Erian - Mar 21,2017
The retreat of the advanced economies from the global economy — and, in the case of the United Kingdom, from regional trading arrangements — has received a lot of attention lately.At a time when the global economy’s underlying structures are under strain, this could have far-reac
By Mohamed A. El-Erian - Nov 29,2016
Donald Trump’s victory in the United States’ presidential election surprised most of the world.
By Mohamed A. El-Erian - May 18,2016
Saudi Arabia has captured the world’s attention with the announcement of an ambitious agenda, called Vision 2030, aimed at overhauling the structure of its economy.The plan would reduce historical high dependence on oil by transforming how the kingdom generates income, as well as
By Mohamed A. El-Erian - May 16,2016
During a recent visit to the United Kingdom, I was struck by the extent to which the question of whether the country should remain in the European Union is dominating the media, boardroom discussions and dinner conversations.While slogans and sound bites capture most of the atten



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