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Muhammad Hamid Zaman
By Muhammad Hamid Zaman - Feb 28,2022
BOSTON — Climate change is not the only slow-moving crisis to reach a tipping point thanks to corporate greed, individual bad behaviour, a stalemate in international negotiations, and a prolonged lack of any sense of urgency on the part of publics and policymakers.
By Muhammad Hamid Zaman - Jul 07,2021
BOSTON — After over a year of pandemic, there is no shortage of “what-if” questions one could pose. What if we had started out with better surveillance and data sharing? What if governments and international health agencies had acted differently?
By Muhammad Hamid Zaman - Jun 21,2020
BOSTON — Cattle colonies and “wet markets” for live animals are not unique to Wuhan, the Chinese city where the SARS-CoV-2 virus most likely originated. They exist all around the world.
By Muhammad Hamid Zaman - Aug 20,2017
A resurgence of nativism and xenophobia in countries around the world has created a toxic environment for those fleeing from geopolitical crises.
By Muhammad Hamid Zaman - Nov 27,2016
While much of the world today suffers from information overload, there are still places where information is scarce.
By Muhammad Hamid Zaman - Nov 15,2016
The Middle East’s public health challenges are enormous, especially when one accounts for the region’s transient population of refugees and guest workers.The refugee population alone now numbers in the millions, and is straining healthcare systems in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey ne
By Muhammad Hamid Zaman - Sep 15,2015
As we learn more about the threat from substandard and counterfeit medicines, it is becoming clear that it is a far greater problem than previously thought.It is also a scourge that is most acutely felt in developing countries, where fake and low-quality pharmaceuticals kill more


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