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Musa Keilani
By Musa Keilani - Oct 22,2016
The battle for Mosul will take about four months, according to American military strategists.For many Jordanians, a matter of great concern is what happens to the nearly 1,500 jihadists from Maan, Salt, Zarqa and Schneller Refugee Camp, who have been fighting there for the last f
By Musa Keilani - Oct 15,2016
A UNESCO draft resolution recognising Palestinian rights in Jerusalem was passed this week by a vote of 24 in favour, six against and 26 abstentions.The UNESCO’s executive body will decide whether to adopt the draft text, but the Israeli education minister, Naftali Bennett,
By Musa Keilani - Oct 08,2016
The imminent fall of Aleppo to Russian and Syrian army troops will not put an end to a civil war that has so far cost the lives of over 400,000 civilians and displaced 8 million people, according to UN figures. The 900 Al Nusra Front fighters might agree to be escorted to De
By Musa Keilani - Oct 01,2016
For Arabs, Peres, who passed away last week, did not leave a legacy as a man of peace. In the case of the Palestinians, he was the first Israeli official to endorse building settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories.Being guided by the image of David Ben Gurion, hi
By Musa Keilani - Sep 24,2016
Jordanians this week ushered in a new chapter of their democractic history.The new Parliament, the 18th, had the names of its elected members declared, while 1.4 million Jordanians were denied the right to vote because they live abroad.Many advanced countries allow their citizens
By Musa Keilani - Sep 17,2016
United Nations head Ban Ki-moon issued a strong statement against Israel’s expanding settlement policy in answer to its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s arrogant declaration that those who oppose settlement policy are calling for “ethnic cleansing of Jews” from the West Bank.D
By Musa Keilani - Sep 10,2016
A pro-Fateh judge issued a court order in Ramallah temporarily suspending Palestinian municipal elections, due this October.Expectations about such a move were evident when Hamas mobilised its cadres to run for the majority of the 416 municipalities in the West Bank and Gaza
By Musa Keilani - Sep 03,2016
The Daraya scenario, which was implemented by Damascus last week, is about to be rescripted in six more rebel-held suburbs of the Syrian capital, only kilometres from the presidential palace.Daraya Sunni fighters had to surrender their heavy weapons and move to Idlib, in the nort
By Musa Keilani - Aug 27,2016
The surrender of Darayya to Syrian government forces heralds a new strategy in the Syrian slaughter house.Darayya is on the outskirts of the capital.
By Musa Keilani - Aug 20,2016
Iraqis in Jordan are worried about the fall of Mosul, within the next few weeks, as announced by Baghdad.The majority of Iraqis here are Shiites; they heard about the atrocities committed by Shiite militias against Sunni families in Fallujah and Tikrit following the liberati



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