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Nermeen Murad
By Nermeen Murad - Apr 06,2019
This week is a determining week for activists and champions of women’s equality and equity in Jordan.
By Nermeen Murad - Mar 30,2019
Decades ago, I was privileged to travel with Jordan’s negotiating team to the Arab-Israeli peace talks in Washington, DC, initially and then to multiple locations in the area.
By Nermeen Murad - Mar 16,2019
Ten days ago I received an invitation to attend a briefing with His Majesty King Abdullah alongside a small group of “politicians and media personalities”. The main news emanating from that meeting has long since been published and discussed.
By Nermeen Murad - Feb 09,2019
You want to support Prime Minister Omar Razzaz. He, as a person, embodies the values and ethics that we want to see reflected in the country.
By Nermeen Murad - Feb 02,2019
The Personal Status Law (PSL) has been under discussion in Parliament for several weeks now and is caught in a tug of war between conservative patriarchs and supporters of equality for women.Several of the PSL’s articles, many women activists believe, cement a lower status for wo
By Nermeen Murad - Jan 12,2019
The rare and detailed insight into the University of Jordan’s financial, operational and academic woes provided by its recently appointed president, Abdul Kareem Qudah, is a noteworthy and commendable precedent, despite the package of challenging news it delivered.Qudah called on
By Nermeen Murad - Dec 29,2018
In his last message of 2018, His Majesty King Abdullah asked the “political power centres” to deliver his vision for economic and political reform.His Majesty made very important remarks in his meeting with journalists on December 23, in which he laid out his assessment of where
By Nermeen Murad - Dec 22,2018
The Personal Status Law, currently being reviewed by the Senate, will be seen as the litmus test of the state’s commitment to the country’s Constitution and, therefore, the women of Jordan as citizens of this state.
By Nermeen Murad - Dec 15,2018
Wherever we fail in our analysis of what is causing disgruntlement among the people in Jordan, analysts invariably point to a lack of trust in the government. And it is apparent.
By Nermeen Murad - Dec 08,2018
As I was writing this column, I was also watching updates on the demonstrations at the Fourth Circle.



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