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Osama Al Sharif
By Osama Al Sharif - Nov 21,2017
The countdown has begun for the much-anticipated unveiling of President Donald Trump’s “ultimate deal” between Israel and the Palestinians, one that aims at closing the chapter on the decades-old conflict.For the Palestinians, initial signs point to a dismal start. Last week
By Osama Al Sharif - Nov 14,2017
It was not the much-anticipated face-to-face meeting that the world was expecting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the APEC summit in Vietnam last weekend.Instead, the two leaders met briefly and the White House and the Kremlin issued a joint presidenti
By Osama Al Sharif - Nov 07,2017
Time is running out fast for Daesh, the Salafist jihadist terrorist group that first appeared in late 2013 and within months was able to claim vast swathes of Iraqi and Syrian territories on which it proclaimed its so-called caliphate.In recent days, Iraqi forces were able to lib
By Osama Al Sharif - Oct 17,2017
It would be naïve to believe that the US decision to withdraw from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) will not hurt the Paris-based UN body.Washington is a major financial contributor to UNESCO’s budget, about 22 per cent, and pulling ou
By Osama Al Sharif - Oct 10,2017
Turkey is about to sink deeper into the Syrian quagmire as it launches a risky campaign to take over the rebellious northwestern province of Idlib, a hotbed for radical jihadists and a momentary refuge for tens of thousands of hapless civilians, many of whom fled when Aleppo was
By Osama Al Sharif - Oct 03,2017
A bit of history will be made this week when King Salman arrives in Moscow on a four-day official visit, the first by a Saudi monarch in almost a century of diplomatic relations.Preparations for the historic visit have been in the making for many months, and the fact that Ki
By Osama Al Sharif - Sep 26,2017
Angela Merkel, Germany’s iron lady, was handed a historic fourth term by voters on Sunday, but her triumph was overshadowed by the entrance of the nationalist far right into the Bundestag for the first time since the end of World War II.The relatively new party, Alternative for G
By Osama Al Sharif - Sep 19,2017
Amid tensions engulfing a planned independence referendum by the semi-autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan, on September 25, it was Israel’s blind support for a Kurdish state that added a dangerous twist to an already volatile situation.Last week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin
By Osama Al Sharif - Sep 12,2017
Last Thursday’s Israeli strike against a scientific research facility near Hama, as it was identified by the Damascus government, was the largest since the Syrian conflict erupted in 2011.According to Israeli sources, the site was a missile production plant — some alleged it was
By Osama Al Sharif - Sep 05,2017
Russia became a key player in regional affairs in the past two years and Syria provided it with the ticket and the opportunity in the midst of a visible and deliberate US recoil from a region that was historically a main stage for American hegemony.The US retreat began under the



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