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Philippe Legrain
By Philippe Legrain - Jul 26,2020
LONDON — After four days and nights of tough negotiations and many painful compromises, European leaders have reached a deal on a groundbreaking 750 billion euros ($868 billion) recovery fund.
By Philippe Legrain - Jul 06,2019
LONDON — The choice of Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and a former French finance minister, to succeed Mario Draghi as president of the European Central Bank (ECB), is controversial.
By Philippe Legrain - Jun 17,2019
LONDON — Is a hard-line position on immigration the key to electoral success for Europe’s beleaguered centre-left? Denmark’s Social Democrats certainly think so.
By Philippe Legrain - Apr 18,2019
LONDON — Europeans cannot agree on how to handle a rising China. While European Union leaders were gathering in Brussels recently to discuss a more assertive common approach, Chinese President Xi Jinping was visiting Rome.
By Philippe Legrain - Nov 05,2018
LONDON — She has been dubbed the “Queen of Europe” and, since US President Donald Trump’s election, the leader of the free world.
By Philippe Legrain - Jun 14,2018
LONDON — A big reason why Western politics is in such disarray is voters’ pessimism about the future.
By Philippe Legrain - Nov 23,2017
Amid all the crises and upheavals that have battered the European Union over the past decade, one fixed point has been the stolid, stable government of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.But following the collapse of talks to form a new coalition, Merkel suddenly seems mortal.While
By Philippe Legrain - May 19,2017
After last year, when the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union and the United States elected Donald Trump as president, xenophobic nationalism was beginning to seem irresistible.Yet France has now become the biggest power to buck the trend, electing as its president t
By Philippe Legrain - Apr 23,2017
A big election year for Europe just got bigger.With France’s upcoming presidential election becoming a nail-biter, and Germans preparing to vote in September, British Prime Minister Theresa May has now called a snap election for June 8.The outcome will have far-reaching impl
By Philippe Legrain - Jan 19,2017
British Prime Minister Theresa May is leading the United Kingdom towards a very “hard” Brexit in 2019 — and potentially off a cliff, if the UK leaves the European Union without an exit or trade deal.In her January 17 speech, May outlined her objectives for negotiating with the EU



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