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Ramzy Baroud
By Ramzy Baroud - Oct 15,2019
The call by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas for elections in the occupied territories is a political ploy. There will be no true, democratic elections under Abbas’ leadership.
By Ramzy Baroud - Oct 08,2019
On August 20, Heba Ahmed Labadi fell into the dark hole of the Israeli legal system, joining 413 Palestinian prisoners who are currently held in so-called administrative detention.On September 26, Heba and seven other prisoners declared a hunger strike to protest their unlawful d
By Ramzy Baroud - Oct 01,2019
On September 16, I visited South Africa, a country where many Palestinians have always felt welcomed, if not overwhelmed, by the degree of genuine and meaningful solidarity. While having the honour to address many audiences in six major cities, I have also learned a great de
By Ramzy Baroud - Sep 24,2019
Experience has taught Palestinians not to pay heed to Israeli elections.
By Ramzy Baroud - Sep 17,2019
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is moving quickly to alter the political reality in Palestine, and facing little or no resistance. On September 10, Netanyahu declared his intentions to annex swathes of Palestinian land adjacent to the Jordan River, an area that cov
By Ramzy Baroud - Sep 10,2019
The death of Israa Ghrayeb has ignited furious reactions regarding the so-called “honour-killings” in Palestine and throughout the Arab world.It also wrought confusion with respect to the jurisprudential foundation of such crimes, which are often committed in the name of protecti
By Ramzy Baroud - Sep 03,2019
On September 1, the Lebanese group Hizbollah, struck an Israeli military base near the border town of Avivim.
By Ramzy Baroud - Aug 27,2019
Israel's decision to bar two United States Democratic Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from entering Israel and visiting Palestine has further exposed the belligerent, racist nature of the Israeli government.But our understanding of the Israeli decision, and the massi
By Ramzy Baroud - Aug 20,2019
Israeli Jewish settlers are on a rampage in the occupied Palestinian West Bank.
By Ramzy Baroud - Aug 14,2019
Writing under the title of “If the El Paso shooter had been Muslim”, Moustafa Bayoumi stated the obvious.“If the El Paso shooter had been a Muslim,” Bayoumi wrote in the British Guardian newspaper on August 6, US President Donald Trump “would be lobbing accusations such as ‘Islam



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