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Simon Johnson
By Simon Johnson - May 21,2023
Simon Johnson Says More… Project Syndicate (PS): Last November, you defended Gary Gensler, the chair of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, from “intense” industry pushback against his efforts to tighten regulation on some parts of the financial sector.
By Simon Johnson - Mar 02,2023
WASHINGTON, DC — In 2012, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission grabbed international attention by investigating the manipulation of LIBOR, Euribor, and other interest-rate benchmarks.
By Simon Johnson - Feb 06,2023
WASHINGTON, DC — Helping Ukraine win its war against Russia is essential for European and global security.
By Simon Johnson - Nov 02,2022
 WASHINGTON, DC  —  When Gary Gensler became chair of the US Securities and Exchange Commission in April 2021, he started to tighten regulation on some parts of the financial sector.
By Simon Johnson - Oct 15,2022
WASHINGTON, DC  —  Vladimir Putin’s illegal annexation of four regions of Ukraine, which he claims are now to be regarded as part of Russia, represents a major escalation of the war he launched in February.
By Simon Johnson - Sep 03,2022
WASHINGTON, DC  —  An air of pessimism about the future of the American economy pervades some official circles in the United States and elsewhere.
By Simon Johnson - Jul 05,2022
WASHINGTON, DC  —  Four months into the invasion of Ukraine, the Russian army continues to grind its way relentlessly through the Donbas region. Some Western commentators are calling for more weapons to be supplied faster to Ukrainian forces.
By Simon Johnson - May 07,2022
WASHINGTON, DC — Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov recently accused the West of fighting a proxy war in Ukraine. This is inaccurate and misleading. In fact, the West is supporting both sides of this conflict, and Russia is by far the main beneficiary.
By Simon Johnson - Dec 05,2021
WASHINGTON, DC — There is an adage that you cannot have back-to-back financial crises. The implication is that a financial crisis causes people to be more careful, so any bank, investment firm, or investor who survives one crisis will not be taking big risks anytime soon.
By Simon Johnson - Nov 07,2021
WASHNGTON, DC — Appointing the chair of the Board of Governors of the United States Federal Reserve is at least as consequential as choosing a US Supreme Court justice.



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