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Stephen S. Roach
By Stephen S. Roach - Feb 24,2021
NEW HAVEN  —  As the second vaccine shot went into my arm, I could almost taste the instant gratification of deferred desires.
By Stephen S. Roach - Jan 25,2021
NEW HAVEN  —  Plenty has been said, and rightfully so, about the violent insurrection at the US Capitol on January 6. Politicians are grappling with issues of legal and moral accountability.
By Stephen S. Roach - Jan 03,2021
NEW HAVEN — The outlook for economic and financial markets hinges on the interplay between two cycles, the COVID-19 cycle and the business cycle.
By Stephen S. Roach - Dec 06,2020
NEW HAVEN — Suddenly, there §is a credible case for a vaccine-led economic recovery. Modern science has delivered what must certainly be one of the greatest miracles of my long lifetime.
By Stephen S. Roach - Sep 26,2020
NEW HAVEN — The US dollar has now entered the early stages of what looks to be a sharp descent. The dollar’s real effective exchange rate (REER) fell 4.3 per cent in the four months ending in August.
By Stephen S. Roach - Aug 29,2020
NEW HAVEN — The double dip is not a dance. It is the time-honoured tendency of the US economy to relapse into recession after a temporary recovery. Over the years, it has happened far more often than not.
By Stephen S. Roach - Jul 22,2020
NEW HAVEN — Those are tough words to swallow for a hardcore Euroskeptic. Like many, I have long been critical of Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union as a dysfunctional currency area.
By Stephen S. Roach - Dec 23,2019
NEW HAVEN – Predicting the next crisis — financial or economic — is a fool’s game. Yes, every crisis has its hero who correctly warned of what was about to come. And, by definition, the hero was ignored (hence the crisis).
By Stephen S. Roach - May 06,2019
NEW HAVEN — In a rare moment of bipartisan agreement, America’s Republicans and Democrats are now on the same page on one key issue: Blaming China for all that ails the United States.
By Stephen S. Roach - Mar 05,2019
NEW HAVEN — US President Donald Trump’s administration has underestimated China’s resilience and strategic resolve. With the Chinese economy slowing, the US believes that China is hurting and desperate for an end to the trade war.



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