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Walid M. Sadi
By Walid M. Sadi - Aug 09,2014
Both sides to the Gaza conflict knew precisely what they wanted when the guns fell silent. After weeks of hard and painful warfare, Hamas wants nothing less, and rightly so, than lifting the siege on Gaza Strip, while Israel wants it demilitarised. How to bridge these positions
By Walid M. Sadi - Aug 02,2014
The much acclaimed blueprint for the solution of the Palestinian issue on the basis of the two-state formula   appears to have gone haywire in the aftermath of the war on Gaza.  The Gaza debacle has effectively thrown a wrench into the wheels of the peace process and g
By Walid M. Sadi - Jul 26,2014
There are two reasons for the ongoing war in Gaza.
By Walid M. Sadi - Jul 20,2014
While Hamas is no match to Israel militarily in terms of traditional warfare, the advent of rockets, missiles and drones in the Middle East has changed the rules of engagement between them.
By Walid M. Sadi - Jul 12,2014
The intention of the Kurdish region in northern Iraq to hold a referendum on breaking away from Iraq and establishing an independent Kurdish state raises the spectre of a clash between two fundamental international laws. The UN Charter is based on respect for the territoria
By Walid M. Sadi - Jul 05,2014
Looking back, the crisis in Iraq did not start with the US-led Gulf war in 1990, nor was it spurred by the US invasion of the country in 2003. The conflict in Iraq started when its monarchy was overthrown in a bloody coup in 1958. Until that point in time, Iraq was a strong reg
By Walid M. Sadi - Jun 28,2014
Is citizenship a right, a mere privilege or something in between? This is a question that is now being heard louder in some Western nations whose immigrant population is on the increase. Ottawa, for example, is in the process of amending its legislation on citizenship with a vi
By Walid M. Sadi - Jun 21,2014
Of all human rights issues that deserve a closer attention, prostitution receives the least perusal. In my decades-long involvement in UN human rights activities, I have come to the conclusion that prostitution has become a hands-off issue over the years, except when it is relat
By Walid M. Sadi - Jun 14,2014
The jury is still out on why and how a militia of about 3,000-4,000 terrorists that go by the name of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant was able to overcome, conquer and occupy major Iraqi cities with lighting speed, facing no real resistance from the fleeing Iraqi ar
By Walid M. Sadi - Jun 07,2014
What complicates the search for a solution to the Ukrainian conflict is the fact that the country is divided not only politically or ideologically but also on ethnic and religious grounds. The Ukrainians in the east of the country are for the most part Slavic and belong to



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