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To immediate implementation with full monitoring, evaluation

Sep 10,2022 - Last updated at Sep 10,2022

Let us agree firstly that the economic, social and political conditions in the country are not good, and unfortunately below expectation and ambition, and reflect concrete cases of shortcomings. Whoever says otherwise, his statement, in my opinion, is contrary to reality and I consider it as close to fiction. This may be the result of weakness in analysis, or it may contain falsehood or hypocrisy aimed at personal benefit at the expense of the public good.

The important question or important questions is, is it possible to change the reality of the situation and improve the economic, social and political conditions? Is it possible to raise the level of people’s confidence in the institutions and thus increase the level of real feeling among all towards serving the country and translating that feeling on the ground and transforming all energies into positive productive forces that work hard and diligently to achieve the desired and advance the sectors and increase production?

All of this is possible and available, and it is possible to reach a stage in which people employ their full energies for the advancement of the nation and dedicate their efforts and actions to serve it, and everyone, without exception, stands behind the leaders of institutions and support them to achieve success.

I challenge and say that this is possible and achievable, because I know Jordanians well, and most of our challenges or dilemmas are due to the mistakes of some officials. Therefore, the improvement of their situation and their approach mitigates the challenges or dilemmas we have, and the citizen in general is understanding, cooperative and responsible.

His Majesty the King yearns for what is in the interest of the country and the citizens. The citizen bears and bears for the sake of the stability of his country a lot, and the officials who have to take action. And if there is a negative group among us, the question is who brought them to this situation? Are they hereditary genes, or do they have non-national goals nurtured by external bodies, or are they repercussions that have accumulated and multiplied as a result of the negative actions of some officials? Therefore, the causes must be identified and addressed.

I see that changing the behavior of this group is achieved through the integrity of the approach of the officials, which dries up the areas of pessimism or negativity and erases its effects, and in turn nourishes optimism and positivity for everyone.

In order for the situation to be correct, the official must set an example in everything, and there must be a general state of transparency, governance and integrity in everything, and there must be clarity of vision and a correct and deep understanding of what is required and the ability to accomplish with determination and persistence. That the official seeks to achieve the interest of the citizens away from any other interest.

The circumstance does not bear the possibility of starting to learn and practice things. Rather, it calls for complete mastery, clarity of the whole picture and the target situation, and full implementation with follow-up and evaluation. 

Under the directives of His Majesty the King and with his direct and full support, paths of modernisation have been developed with national efforts and with governmental participation. And if there are any comments on it, and this is expected of course, it can be addressed and amended during implementation. It is important to start implementing so that the plans do not remain in the drawers.

With pride, I quote His Majesty the King's saying that the true measure of success is good execution. Hence, good implementation requires the presence of those who are able and willing to do so, and I never claim that those present are unable, but I call for ensuring that this is available in all dimensions and components before implementation so that the implementation is carried out in the correct manner that achieves the goals and lives up to the aspirations.

Finally, the national success factors are full ability, full mastery, leadership by example, the effectiveness of the process of implementing the modernisation paths, its reliability and correcting what the contents of its dimensions require correction during implementation processes, with follow-up to the implementation of programs and evaluation of the level of achievement of goals at the highest levels.

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