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Circles of happiness

Mar 20,2022 - Last updated at Mar 20,2022

Photos courtesy of Family Flavours magazine

By Dr Tareq Rasheed
International Consultant
and Trainer

Do you know that happiness is a choice and it’s up to us to intentionally choose it every day? We all have God-given gifts that, when embraced, give us joy. Here we explore more components in the circles of happiness. 


What are the circles of happiness

• Circle of Needs: This circle encompasses all our needs; physical, emotional, mental, social, as well as our need for security, family and self-worth


• Circle of Skills and Talents: In this circle, we define our skills (technical, life, technological, and all other skills we master) and we define our talents, hobbies and passion


• Circle of Desires and Motivators: We all have desires and motivators that differ from person to person. Define all that you feel and explore the energy inside you


• Circle of Values and Ethics: What are your most important values in life? Values are principles we believe in, should direct our decisions in life and are reflected in our attitudes and behaviours


Values are classified under two main categories: 

• Operational values direct our attention to actions and operations, such as quality, precision, continuous improvement and creativity

• Behavioural values direct our behaviours and attitudes, such as respect, cooperation, honesty and justice


How many people work in a job that satisfies all their needs, utilises all their skills and talents, keeps them motivated with a high desire to go to a job that does not contradict their values? The answer is probably close to zero. 

To reach the highest degree of happiness, here is the recipe: 

Define your fourth circle and start from circle two. Define and know precisely what skills, talents and hobbies you enjoy and this will allow circle three to join directly; the saying goes, “do what you love” and you will feel the desire and energy to achieve. For sure, then, circle one is achieved and satisfied. But most people keep circulating in circle number one, thinking that life is to meet needs and once they get a job, they rarely leave it as they get stuck in the circle of needs.

We need patience and continuous effort to keep moving and looking forward to happiness. 


Reprinted with permission from Family Flavours magazine

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