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Jul 02,2015 - Last updated at Jul 02,2015

The letter “Valuing all creatures’ rights” (The Jordan Times, June 30, 2015), prompts me to say that we, at SPANA, have witnessed all the appalling habits mentioned in it, and more, over the years.

In addition to our clinic, where we treat injured and abused animals, we have an animal education programme for schoolchildren, and an animal education centre they can visit.

There they can handle small animals under supervision and learn how to interact with them.

However, this is very little, as we cannot reach every school in the Kingdom, although we hope to expand the work gradually.

People tend to treat animals if they were inanimate objects and not living beings that feel pain.

Poisoning, shooting and hurling rocks at dogs and cats only shows the ignorance of the perpetrators. And to make matters worse, there are only a few inadequate laws in Jordan on the issue, and those are rarely implemented. Thus, people know that they will not be punished whatever they do to an animal.

We aim to change that one day, but need a lot of support for it initially.

We have been often asked why we are concerned with animals and not humans.

They are all part of this planet and should be respected. There is plenty of room for all of us. 

A well-known gentleman was heard saying in 1987: “We cannot think of having an animal society here until all the human problems are solved.”

In this case, the animals will never receive any attention at all.

There is nothing more loyal than a dog, even towards a bad owner. Treat it well and it will be forever faithful, and will give all its love and affection.

Chris Larter,



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