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Considering animals

May 19,2016 - Last updated at May 19,2016

How pleasing it was to read your editorial “of animal rights”, (The Jordan Times May 16). At last, it was brought to the notice of the general public that tourists are still complaining about the way horses and donkeys are treated in Petra.

HRH Princess Alia and the Vienna-based 4 Paws animal welfare organisation are to be commended for leading a campaign for the protection of animals in Jordan and working to raise awareness about their plight.

It surely is a disgrace that visitors to the country should point out that animals are badly treated. What sort of image do they take home with them, and what do they tell their friends?

Authorities, unfortunately, seem to care little about animals. Recently, a man dragged a dog behind his vehicle and it was admitted that the only fine for cruelty to animals is a pathetic JD5.

A man feuding with his neighbour set his stable on fire and the horse inside was badly burned and eventually died. It had been its owner’s livelihood. When police officers asked the suspect about it, they accepted his statement — “I didn’t do it” — instead of thoroughly interrogating him, saying: “It’s only a horse.”

I am well aware of all the human problems in this region, but that does not mean animals should be ignored. They share our planet and should be treated with respect.

Most of the larger animals earn the families that own them a living, while the humble dog works among sheep or guards owners’ properties.

It is high time that Jordan considered animals and put some sensible laws into place. If other countries can do it, so can Jordan

Chris Larter,

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