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Amman Design Week concludes Friday

By JT - Sep 08,2016 - Last updated at Sep 08,2016

AMMAN — In the final two days of its inaugural iteration in Jordan, Amman Design Week (ADW) continues to offer workshops, conferences, exhibitions, talks, discussions, and business and networking opportunities, as well as guided tours, performances and food, the organisers said on Wednesday. 

“ADW seeks to promote the growth and expansion of the design sector in Jordan and the Middle East by presenting ideas stemming from various design fields, including furniture and product design, architecture, graphic design and innovative digital technologies,” a statement from the organisers added.

Today, Ahmad Humeid, founder of SYNTAX design company, will discuss the story and philosophy behind Amman’s Unofficial Transport Map during a talk titled “Can Design Change Amman [and the World?]” at the Jordan Museum. 

Humeid will address “some of the most pressing challenges that Jordan faces, as well as the need for designers to contribute towards and participate in improving aspects of their environment and city structure”, according to the statement. 

Moreover, Mohammad Aljabi, Heba Najada and Liyan Al Jabi, Arini founders and curators of the social space and pavilion, MADAFA, will talk about their approach to architecture and urbanism, as well as their trans-disciplinary projects. 

They will be joined in conversation by designers Rasem Kamal and Saja Nashashibi at MADAFA, which has been a daily feature on ADW’s programme, to present the vision behind the pavilion, its design, form and content. 

Meanwhile, popular social media account, Amman Street Fashion, will be hosting its second Pop-Up Shop at the Abdali Boulevard, one of ADW’s approximately 40 independent creative spaces.

In its support of local musical talent, ADW includes an entertainment schedule featuring numerous musicians and vocalists at a social space created at the Raghadan Tourist Terminal. 

Today’s live music performance will be delivered by Yazan Sabbagh, who specialises in the oud and the piano. 

Additionally, ADW’s cultural programme and culinary experience features “unique food concepts” offered at its “three main nodes” — the Hangar Exhibition at Ras El Ain Gallery, the MakerSpace at Jordan Museum, and the Crafts District at Raghadan Tourist Terminal. 

The culinary aspect is provided by Namliyeh under a project titled “Amman Eats”.

ADW also offers an “immersive experience in urban cuisine, hospitality, and culture” at the MADAFA pavilion, set within the winding pathway between Al Hussein Cultural Centre and the Greater Amman Municipality headquarters.

With the aim of “empowering designers by providing them with the opportunity to learn, network and foster talent”, ADW has been supported by Her Majesty Queen Rania. 

Launched on September 1, the week’s nine-day programme concludes on Friday.

The event has featured more than 100 activities and engages over 100 local and regional designers for an exchange of knowledge and skills, the statement said.


More information on ADW’s events during its final two days can be found at the official website,

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