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Careem app now includes yellow taxis

Company seeks to add 5,000 yellow cabs to its fleet

By Mohammad Ghazal - Mar 07,2017 - Last updated at Mar 07,2017

There are around 17,000 yellow cabs in Jordan, of which 11,400 are in Amman serving more than 3.5 million residents (File photo)

Amman — Ride-hailing app Careem on Tuesday announced the start of bringing yellow taxis under its wings, helping put an end to a month-long dispute.

Hundreds of yellow taxis are currently part of the Careem app. Thousands more will be added to the application by the end of this year, Sabri Hakeem, a representative of Careem in the Middle East, told The Jordan Times.

Cabbies in Jordan have repeatedly slammed the “unfair competition” with ride-hailing apps such as Careem and Uber, and held several protests over the past months.

“We have reached a deal, and we started the process of including yellow taxis… Currently, we have hundreds and we will gradually increase the number. We hope to include around 5,000 yellow taxis in the upcoming period,” Hakeem said.

This follows reaching a deal recently with Noor Jordan for Transport — Taxi Moumayaz, to include its fleet of taxis in the app, he added.

Yellow taxi drivers will receive training on how to deal with customers and best practices, including the importance of uniforms, the cleanliness of the car and avoiding behaviours such as smoking or listening to loud music while transporting passengers.

“The training will focus on uplifting the standards of the service, and yellow taxis, like other taxis in the app, will be rated by passengers, which will encourage drivers to perform better as they will be competing with other drivers using the app,” Hakeem added.

When using the app, one can choose whether to hail a yellow taxi, a special taxi or (Taxi Moumayaz) or a smart cab, which refers to Careem drivers who were the first to use the app.

Yellow taxis that are part of Careem will charge slightly more than yellow taxis that are not included in the app.

The starting rate for yellow taxis that are part of the app will be JD0.35, compared to JD0.45 for Taxi Moumayaz and JD0.50 for the smart cabs.

The minimum charge for yellow taxis that are part of Careem will be JD1.25 regardless of how short the distance.

The minimum charge for Taxi Moumayaz is JD1.5 and JD2 for the smart cab.

For yellow taxis that are part of Careem, the charge for 1 hour waiting will be JD3, while for Taxi Moumayaz, it will be JD4 and JD6 for the smart cab.

The starting rate for yellow taxis that are not included with Careem is JD0.25, and there is no minimum charge.

“The yellow taxis that are part of Careem are even more competitive when compared to the other taxis that are part of the app and this is meant to support them and encourage them,” Hakeem said.

Eid Abu Al Haj, chairman of Noor Jordan for Transport — Taxi Moumayaz, said joining Careem is a good move.

“We joined Careem because it is a world-class app with an understanding of the region and what passengers need. The step we took is part of our keenness to offer the best to passengers and be in line with technological developments,” Abu Al Haj told The Jordan Times.


“The training our derivers received when becoming part of Careem was great, and now they offer passengers water and chocolate… This will certainly help improve the service offered and reflect positively on the image of the sector,” he added. 

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