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‘GAM to facilitate housing construction in east Amman’

By Muath Freij - Feb 04,2016 - Last updated at Feb 04,2016

Workers are seen at a construction site in Amman recently (Photo by Muath Freij)

AMMAN –– The Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) said Sunday it will start facilitating the construction of housing  units in the eastern part of the capital to alleviate the pressure of the growing population in some neighbourhoods.

GAM spokesperson, Izzedin Shammout, said the municipality will facilitate the construction process in areas such as Uhud, east Qweismeh and Naser. 

“According to the latest figures, there are already 4 million people residing in the capital, and this is the number we expected to reach in 2025,” he told The Jordan Times over the phone. 

Bassam Jameel, a resident of Qweismeh area, said he completely supports facilitating the construction of new housing units. 

“The number of residents is growing substantially and this causes traffic jams. I hope the new step would alleviate traffic congestion,” he told The Jordan Times.  

After a visit by His Majesty King Abdullah to GAM last March, the municipality has been working on a number of projects in east Amman, according to Shammout. 

The official said a 900-dunum space located in Madouna area in east Amman will witness a number of projects to boost the area. 

“GAM is working on moving a slaughterhouse in Ain Ghazal to this space since the current one causes traffic jams,” he added. 

The municipality official said there are two options in executing the plan: either for GAM to design the project or for an investor to do so.

In either case, an investor would hire employees and the project would be owned by GAM after a specific period of time. 

“We finished submitting a letter of interest on January 16 to see which investors are interested in taking part in this project,” Shammout said. 

Mohammad Ibrahim, another Qweismeh resident, said he personally does not face any challenges in using the current slaughterhouse. 

“I do not support the plan to move it because the current location is suitable and it serves many areas,” he said. 

GAM plans to relocate vehicle dealers and used car auction lots to the same plot of land in the Madouna area soon, according to Shammout. 


He noted that several offices of the Driver and Motor Vehicle Licensing Department, insurance companies and banks will be located at the same venue as well. 

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