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By-law endorsed to regulate domestic helper sector

By Petra - Dec 31,2014 - Last updated at Dec 31,2014

AMMAN — The Cabinet on Wednesday approved the 2014 by-law organising the work of domestic helper recruitment agencies.

The draft by-law is aimed at organising the labour market in this sector and dealing with cases where domestic helpers illegally leave their jobs.

Under the by-law, agencies commit to issuing an insurance document from a licensed company that covers a worker’s insurance benefits, in addition to providing financial compensation to the employer if the worker illegally leaves his/her workplace.

Other benefits include life, work injury and health insurance, all covered by the employer.

The by-law also obligates agencies to substitute a guest worker if he/she refuses to work within a month of entry into the Kingdom, without the employer incurring any additional financial costs.

The agency also covers the cost of sending the first worker back to his/her country.

Moreover, the by-law stipulates establishing a housing centre for domestic helpers who refuse to work or are driven to quit their jobs, in cooperation with the relevant institutions after plans for its administrative and financial affairs are set through regulations the Cabinet issues upon receiving a recommendation from the labour minister.

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