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Leading positions by-law ‘ensures transparency in top-category appointments’ — senior official

Minister argues system helps enhance public confidence, guarantee jobs are landed based on unified professional criteria

By JT - May 19,2019 - Last updated at May 19,2019

AMMAN — The new amendments to the by-law governing appointments in top-category government jobs are aimed at ensuring and guaranteeing the right of all Jordanians to assume leading positions as general secretaries and directors general, Labour Minister Nidal Bataineh said on Friday.

Bataineh, who is also chairman of the civil service council, stressed that the only criteria for appointment are meritocracy and the ability to continuously develop capabilities.

He noted that the amended by-law will not include any exceptions other than those mentioned in the existing by-law and for clear purposes, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.

The new by-law called for adopting open advertisement channels as a means for selection and appointment, as no one will have the authority to nominate any person to the Cabinet without the same contester applying and going through the official procedures, the minister added.

He noted that most of the members of the ministerial committee change constantly, where the panel members make recorded interviews according to standards and points with certain weights.

Eventually, the minister said, the committee makes its recommendation to the Cabinet, which, in turn, takes the decision, which is shared with the public “to ensure equality and transparency and enhance confidence in the government”.

According to the by-law, the ministerial selection and appointment committee is headed by the deputy prime minister, with the membership of the justice minister and two ministers chosen by the prime minister depending on the nature of the vacancy, according to Al Rai daily.

The panel also comprises of the head of the Civil Service Bureau and the referee, who refers the appointments to the council of ministers.

If the Cabinet refuses the recommendation of the referee, the committee is tasked to nominate the candidate with the second highest score, as stipulated in the regulations.

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