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Queen visits offices of pioneering Arabic website, incubator AdamTech

By JT - Aug 22,2017 - Last updated at Aug 22,2017

Her Majesty Queen Rania visits the offices of in Amman on Tuesday (Photo courtesy of Royal Court)

AMMAN — Her Majesty Queen Rania visited the offices of on Tuesday, where she met with the co-founders of the Arab world’s first comprehensive Arabic-language digital encyclopaedia, Jordanian entrepreneurs Mohammad Jaber and Rami Qawasmi.

Launched in Amman in 2012, has become “the number one website in the Arab world in terms of unique users, and continues to serve as a trusted resource for approximately 36 million monthly Arabic-speaking visitors”, who read around 150 million pages per month, according to a statement from Her Majesty’s office.

Queen Rania joined’s partners and investors for a meeting, during which Her Majesty expressed her pride in the pioneering startups and Jordanian youth working to build a better future for the Kingdom.

For their part, the team discussed how it overcame financial and cultural barriers to devise and implement a successful entrepreneurial model. The discussion also addressed the importance of volunteerism for personal development, highlighting the role it has played in shaping the company.

Following the success of their venture, Jaber and Qawasmi went on to launch AdamTech, an incubator for small businesses through which the pair share their acquired expertise with rising Jordanian entrepreneurs. AdamTech provides early-stage startups with financial support, consultation and the basic expertise necessary to manage their projects, according to the statement. 

During the meeting, Her Majesty was briefed on the latest developments within the company, including the recent launch of the interactive Mawdoo3 mobile application. The company is also investing “heavily” in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), with a particular focus on AI-based text-to-speech and speech-to-text products capable of covering the diverse Arabic dialects of the region.   

Queen Rania was then given a tour of’s headquarters, where she observed the creation of the website’s informative, visual Arabic content. 

Tuesday’s visit was wrapped up with a stop at the offices of AdamTech, which is staffed by 40 full-time and 60 part-time employees. There, Her Majesty was acquainted with the faces behind the budding Jordanian startups supported by the incubator. features a vast and diverse collection of premium, expert-developed content, including a growing library of approximately 120,000 articles, with approximately 100,000 words written per day as well as between 200 to 300 new videos developed per month, according to the statement.


The company relies on a full-time staff of 50 and up to 300 independent locally based authors, all of whom are qualified to provide sourced and factual answers to the questions most commonly asked by Arabic-speaking internet users, read the statement. 

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