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‘Deal of the century’ attracting undue attention

Apr 15,2019 - Last updated at Apr 15,2019

The so-called "deal of the century" is attracting undue attention, scrutiny and condemnation before its "birth" for obvious reasons: Anything that US President Donald Trump stands behind on, on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, is suspicious and must be rejected, even before its parameters and contents are known.

Trump's credentials on the Palestinian case are well known already, so why bother commenting on it and giving it importance that it does not deserve! Why, then, give this suspicious "deal" so much attention by the press and officialdom?

No country worthy of mention has given the "deal" as much attention as the Arab side, and by doing so, the Arab world is promoting it and giving it publicity much more than it deserves.

It would seem that the right thing to do is to just ignore the "deal", and refrain from even mentioning it in the news, writings or analysis. The "deal" must be downgraded to the level of non-existence. The Palestinians, and the Arab world standing behind them, are called upon to cease and desist from giving the deal any currency.

Since the world knows beforehand that the scheme is devoid of any merits and is not likely to enjoy any support from any side, with the exception of Israel and the US, the right thing to do is to just erase it from the Arab memory. The Arab side need not even comment on it, even when it is completely revealed by President Trump. That would be the most effective way of declaring it dead upon arrival.

Meanwhile, a substitute formula or road map for solving the Palestinian crisis needs to be formulated and adopted. An entirely new way of looking and solving the Palestinian case needs to be articulated and given prominence. Rehashing old concepts on solving the Palestinian problem must be avoided. After so many decades on the conflict, there must be a new approach to solving it that can bring new hope for ending it. This would require an Arab and Islamic support and blessing.

Any such new scheme must be accompanied by a show of strength and determination. The Palestinian crisis is not going to be solved academically or theoretically. It needs a backup mechanism to give it teeth and strength. Otherwise, the Palestinian case will remain without a solution for more tortuous decades, waiting for a miracle to occur.

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