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By Editorial - Feb 16,2019
The way social media has dealt with the infamous “tobacco factory case” over the past few days raised eyebrows among many people within and outside the government circles.In a vain attempt to dramatise the case beyond the bounds of reason and honest reporting in order to dri
By Editorial - Feb 14,2019
The lingering discord between the US and China over their trade relations risks undermining not only their own bilateral relations, but also international trade and commerce worldwide.President Donald Trump has decided to up the ante by setting March 1 as the deadline for reachin
By Editorial - Feb 13,2019
Despite repeated Jordanian protests, Israel went ahead and officially declared its new Ramon Airport open on January 21.The controversial airport is about 20 kilometres north of Eilat and Aqaba, and is only 300 metres outside Jordan’s territory.
By Editorial - Feb 12,2019
British Prime Minister Theresa May has put herself in a tight corner because of her repeated fumbling over Brexit.After losing the House of Common's support over her negotiated deal with the EU last month, May found herself swinging back and forth on her next move with the March
By Editorial - Feb 11,2019
US President Donald Trump simply does not see the threat of Daesh in Syria and Iraq the way his military and intelligence advisers see it.
By Editorial - Feb 10,2019
Deputies attacking one another under the dome of Parliament used to be a rarity in the good old days, but nowadays, it has become quite common.The latest episode of such infighting between MPs in the Lower House of Parliament occurred between deputies Saddah Habashneh and Zaid Sh
By Editorial - Feb 09,2019
Even if all the accusations being levelled against the elected president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, are basically correct, that does not mean that foreign countries can pick and choose the next leader of the country on their own!Maduro has been ch
By Editorial - Feb 07,2019
February 7 marked His Majesty King Abdullah's 20th anniversary of his Accession to the Throne after the death of his father His Majesty the late King Hussein.The 20 years rule of King Abdullah steered the country through troubled waters in the region, as well as repeated hardcore
By Editorial - Feb 06,2019
On the occasion of the World Cancer Day that fell on February 4, HRH Princess Ghida Talal, the chairperson of the King Hussein Cancer Foundation, seized upon the solemn occasion to issue a warning and an appeal, aiming to raise awareness about the disease and called on “cancer pa
By Editorial - Feb 06,2019
The Jordanian field hospital in Gaza has been in operation for 10 years already and is commemorating this brave humanitarian service with little fanfare.According to Muath Ghazlan, the director of the hospital, the medical facility has treated more than 1.9 million people in Gaza



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