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By Editorial - Aug 13,2018
An operator of a tourist horse and carriage in Petra was caught on camera cruelly beating up his horse before the eyes of tourists, foreign and national alike.
By Editorial - Aug 13,2018
The terrorist attack on a parked Gendarmerie vehicle in Fuheis on Friday evening killed Corporal Ali Qoqazeh and injured six others.
By Editorial - Aug 12,2018
The concerned authorities were quick in locating and responding to the terror cell which on Friday killed a security officer in an attack on a police patrol in the town of Fuheis, 12 kilometres west of Amman.
By Editorial - Aug 09,2018
More and more people are mobilising their anti-smoking sentiments to reach out to the government in a bid to have the Public Health Law 47 faithfully enforced in all public places.The existing legislation against smoking in public places, like restaurants, cafes, transportation s
By Editorial - Aug 08,2018
The ranting between Canada and Saudi Arabia over alleged human rights violations against human rights activists and defenders of women's rights in Saudi Arabia could have been avoided altogether had Ottawa followed the normal procedure to channel its concerns.Countries cannot go
By Editorial - Aug 07,2018
The US is using its sanctions regime as a powerful whip against countries which it views as hostile.President Donald Trump has used this weapon against Iran with considerable success by forcing the effective devaluation of its currency and bringing the country to its knees.
By Editorial - Aug 06,2018
It is commendable that the government is actively seeking dialogue and consultation with various shareholders on the shape and form of the new income tax legislation, yet doing so before putting some life into the national economy would be like putting the cart bef
By Editorial - Aug 05,2018
A recent 300-page report by the American Meteorological Society and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration confirmed what most peoples across the globe have already observed, noticed and felt: that the world is, indeed, experiencing now abnormal weather pat
By Editorial - Aug 04,2018
It is reported that some 18 MPs, spearheaded by deputy Tarek Khoury, plan to visit Syria in the upcoming few days, allegedly to boost trade and commerce between Syria and Jordan.The deputies in question contend that Jordan's economy stands to gain by 20-30 per cent and its indust
By Editorial - Aug 02,2018
The Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) now says that the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT system) "will be completed by 2020!” If this updated announcement is taken at face value, the projected BRT should be renamed as “Bus Slow Transit” and not Bus Rapid Transit.According to GAM's own sourc



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