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By Editorial - May 10,2018
Chief Commissioner of the Energy and Minerals Regularity Commission (EMRC) Farouq Hiyari told the Jordan News Agency, Petra, recently that the war against electricity theft is being won, as the first four months of 2018 witnessed a decline in electricity theft cases by 13 per cen
By Editorial - May 09,2018
President Donald Trump dropped his much anticipated bombshell on the Iranian nuclear deal struck in 2015 between Iran, on one hand, and the US, Germany, France, Russia and China, on the other, by announcing US’ withdrawal from it.There were speculations that Trump may change his
By Editorial - May 08,2018
The National Electric Power Company (NEPCO) said on Friday that imported natural gas, through Aqaba Port, accounts for generating 93 per cent of the county's energy needs and the rest is being produced by renewable energy, namely solar and wind.NEPCO signed in 2014 an agreement w
By Editorial - May 08,2018
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said in a press conference at the end of his visit to the country that Jordan can become a hub for logistics and information technology (ICT), and to back up this generous and promising forecast he had some Japanese CEOs signaling their readines
By Editorial - May 06,2018
The success of the summit held between South Korean President Moon Jae-in and his North Korean counterpart President Kim Jong-un exceeded all optimistic expectations as the two leaders seemed to forge not only a warm personal rapport, but also struck broad agreements on most if n
By Editorial - May 05,2018
Hundreds of women and men marched in the streets of Amman last Thursday on the occasion of the International Labour Day to highlight the plight of women in the labour market and other areas.Unfortunately, only "hundreds" took part at a time when the occasion warranted a much
By Editorial - May 03,2018
His Majesty King Abdullah's talks with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Amman came on the heels of their talks in Aqaba where meetings were held in the company of high officials and military experts  on counterterrorism policies  and m
By Editorial - May 03,2018
The visit of the newly-appointed US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Jordan for talks with His Majesty King Abdullah and Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi has far reaching importance and symbolism about the strong and enduring partnership between the US and Jordan.Pompeo’s visit to
By Editorial - Apr 30,2018
The Aqaba meetings on ways and means to sustain the efforts against global and regional terrorism ended on Sunday, with a broad meeting of the minds between the participants, on how best to build on the current efforts to defeat terrorism and radicalism. His Majesty King Abd
By Editorial - Apr 29,2018
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Economic Affairs Jafar Hassan said at the recent  panel  organised by the Jordan Strategy Forum held to discuss national  economic and fiscal plans and their impact on stimulating Jordan’s economy that “Jordan cannot



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