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By Editorial - Feb 08,2018
The announcement of the Ministry of Tourism and the Jordan Tourism Board (JTB) that 14 new airline routes from European cities to Amman and Aqaba will be launched this year is a most welcome boost to the country's tourism industry and even a bigger drive to the national econ
By Editorial - Feb 07,2018
The Jordan Labour Watch (JLW) is calling for revisiting the national labour legislation to make it comply more with the Jordanian Constitution and the relevant International Labour Organisation (ILO) conventions which are legally binding on the country after having been ratified
By Editorial - Feb 06,2018
How many times must Syria deploy chemical weapons against its own people and kill men, women and children by the hundreds before the international community acts and acts effectively. It was on August 13, 2013, when Damascus started the chain of chemical attac
By Editorial - Feb 06,2018
Prime Minister Hani Mulki has just submitted to His Majesty King Abdullah the "report card" on his government's achievements and challenges for 2017. The submission of "report cards" in a periodic manner is certainly a great idea in principle that countries worldwi
By Editorial - Feb 04,2018
A thought-provoking and timely debate on the quality of education and learning trends in Jordan took place recently during the Jordan Agenda Conference 2018 held at the Dead Sea. The discussion on where the country is headed in education took place at the spec
By Editorial - Feb 03,2018
Jordan's seemingly abrupt decision to break diplomatic relations with North Korea caught many by surprise because few ever thought that the two countries have diplomatic relations in the first place! There is hardly any relation between the two countries to be
By Editorial - Feb 01,2018
His Majesty King Abdullah's heart to heart words to a group of students from the University of Jordan on Tuesday are intended also to the entire country. The King opened up his heart to students and through them to the public and shared with them how he views the i
By Editorial - Jan 31,2018
The Russian-brokered Sochi “peace conference” on Syria dubbed as the Syrian Congress of National Dialogue held on Tuesday was off to a disappointing start and ended with modest results if any. Not only some 70 delegates representing the opposition who had initially
By Editorial - Jan 30,2018
The visit of German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier to Jordan for talks with His Majesty King Abdullah solidified the already stronger than ever bilateral relations. The German president was accompanied by his wife, who joined the talks with the King and Her Majesty Queen
By Editorial - Jan 29,2018
The Israeli daily newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported on Sunday that the ruling Likud Party has introduced a bill calling for the annexation of the West Bank!



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