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By Editorial - Jul 09,2019
There is some bright and encouraging news about the national economy, especially in the real estate, tourism and export sectors, on the horizon.Finance Minister Ezzeddine Kanakrieh disclosed on Saturday during an in-house meeting for the senior staff at his ministry that Jor
By Editorial - Jul 08,2019
The race among the 20-odd Democratic candidates for the 2020 US presidential election is in full swing and goes on unabated after the initial debates among them, with early signs that the cards are being constantly reshuffled in favour of the less popular cand
By Editorial - Jul 06,2019
The seizure of an oil tanker carrying oil from Iran to Syria by the British Royal Marines in Gibraltar on Thursday certainly raises tensions to a boiling point between Iran, Britain and the US alike.London justified its move by charging that tanker Grace 1 violated the sanctions
By Editorial - Jul 05,2019
HRH Crown Prince Hussein, the Regent, weighed in on the deliberations of the government on Tuesday on the status of the national economy, the much-awaited improvement of public services and upgrading public transportation.Crown Prince Hussein chaired part of the Cabinet meeting,
By Editorial - Jul 03,2019
Jordan has always thought that the ancient rose-red city of Petra as a "gold mine" when it comes to attracting tourists from the four corners of the Earth.
By Editorial - Jul 02,2019
Minister of Interior Salameh Hammad touched a sensitive cord when he revealed on Sunday during a parliamentary debate on the amendments to the legislation on "weapons and ammunition" that 92 per cent of all violent crimes committed in the c
By Editorial - Jul 02,2019
US President Donald Trump’s sensational entry into North Korea on Sunday, albeit for few minutes, will go down in history as a fine example of bold diplomacy that may open the locked door with Pyongyang after all.It must be recalled that President Trump is the first sit
By Editorial - Jun 30,2019
Irrespective of what emerged from the G-20 summit in Osaka, holding such a high-stake meeting by leaders of 19 powerful countries and the European Union remains pivotal in forging better international relations for the entire world.Other than the fact that the participating count
By Editorial - Jun 29,2019
The Manama workshop on the economic dimension of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict ended without making much news!The boycott of the meeting by the Palestinians took a toll on the meeting, as it left it without the participation of the key party in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict
By Editorial - Jun 27,2019
It is no accident that John Bolton, the national security adviser of President Donald Trump, flew straight to Israel to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to comfort him about the sudden backtracking of Trump on his decision to launch three military s



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