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By Editorial - Aug 02,2018
The Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) now says that the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT system) "will be completed by 2020!” If this updated announcement is taken at face value, the projected BRT should be renamed as “Bus Slow Transit” and not Bus Rapid Transit.According to GAM's own sourc
By Editorial - Aug 01,2018
Russian President Vladimir Putin is now touting the need to reconstruct Syria from the ravages of the eight-year armed conflict and rehabilitate it in the face of the millions of Syrian refugees in exile waiting impatiently to return to their country when normalcy returns to
By Editorial - Jul 31,2018
Prime Minister Omar Razzaz has signalled recently that he wants to see the local labour force replace migrant workers as one of his key economic policy guidelines for the country.Razzaz wants this objective done by retraining local labour into local work needs and
By Editorial - Jul 30,2018
It has been reported that US President Donald Trump is pushing for a security and political alliance, involving six Arab Gulf states, Egypt and Jordan, better known as the Middle East Strategic Alliance, but already nicknamed as the Arab NATO — a new bulwark against Iranian threa
By Editorial - Jul 29,2018
It is not only the Muslims and Christians in Israel who are sounding the alarm about the newly adopted Jewish nation-state law, as the Druze community is also up in arms against it.The Druze community in Israel is a more than 150,000 strong segment of the Israeli population and i
By Editorial - Jul 28,2018
The three-year-long Yemeni war is constantly taking wider and more ominous proportions as long as the international community turns a blind eye and lets it continue without proper and just resolution.
By Editorial - Jul 26,2018
Mayor of the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) Yousef Shawarbeh told residents of Amman during a press conference held on Wednesday that fixing the “Pepsi pool” would take a-year-and-a-half and not a week, indicating that Prime Minister Omar Razzaz instructed authorities to put fo
By Editorial - Jul 26,2018
Jordan met its end of the humanitarian bargain on rescuing the White Helmets from Syria by expediting the exodus of 422 of them on the understanding that they will be resettled in Canada, UK, Germany and other western nations within three months.Officials at the Ministr
By Editorial - Jul 24,2018
Barely a few weeks in office and Prime Minister Omar Razzaz is already facing the biggest challenge yet to his government, when the so-called "tobacco factory scandal” surfaced, presumably all of a sudden.This major corruption case will no doubt tax the government's tim
By Editorial - Jul 22,2018
The Israeli Knesset adopted on July 19th an organic legislation that purports to declare Israel a "nation-state of the Jewish people". The new basic law did not stop there — it also referred to Jerusalem, East and West, as the capital of Israel!



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