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By Editorial - Oct 23,2018
It seems many Jordanian people could not wait to see the border with Syria open up after its closure since April 2015 for security reasons as hundreds already flocked across the Jaber/Nasib crossing since its official reopening last week, to visit their families or friends and bu
By Editorial - Oct 22,2018
His Majesty King Abdullah was clear when he announced on Sunday the termination of the two annexes to the 1994 peace treaty with Israel related to Baqoura in the north-western corner of the country and Ghumar south of the Dead Sea.King Abdu
By Editorial - Oct 21,2018
Jordan celebrated the World Mental Health Day on October 10 with little fanfare.
By Editorial - Oct 20,2018
The decentralisation plan for Jordan was launched a year ago upon the personal initiative of His Majesty King Abdullah to bring regional decisions closer to local provincial councils set up in the first place to engage "locals" in the development of their respectiv
By Editorial - Oct 18,2018
On the occasion of the World Food Day, which fell on October 16, the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) issued a report on the lack of enjoyment of the right to food in the world that contained also a disturbing finding that 13.5 per cent of Jordanians had suffered from" foo
By Editorial - Oct 17,2018
The Textile and Readymade Clothes Syndicate in Jordan is sounding the alarm about the persistent drop in sales of clothes and textiles, since the beginning of this year; no doubt because of the weakening economy and the worsening of customers’ confidence.President of the syndicat
By Editorial - Oct 16,2018
The reopening of the Jaber/Nasib border crossing between Jordan and Syria on Monday ushers in a new era in the bilateral relations between Amman and Damascus after three years of complete closure and a rift in relations between the two countries, following the breakout of th
By Editorial - Oct 15,2018
Labour rights advocates, including the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and labour unions, have a right to voice concern about the so-called kafalah (sponsorship) system being authorised by the Ministry of Labour for hiring migrant worker
By Editorial - Oct 15,2018
In his Speech from the Throne opening the third ordinary session of Parliament, His Majesty King Abdullah on Sunday urged Jordanians to join efforts to work constructively to build a better Jordan.Noting that he senses citizens’ dissatisfaction with the manner in which the govern
By Editorial - Oct 13,2018
The long awaited reshuffle of Prime Minister Omar Razzaz's Cabinet has finally happened but brought few surprises to suggest that the government is about to change course on any major national policy.Come to think of it, no real surprises were expected anyway.



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