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A breath of fresh air

Mar 06,2018 - Last updated at Mar 06,2018

Minister of Education Omar Razzaz is a timely reformer, having proposed an impressive and progressive agenda for education and educational reform to mold and cultivate a new personality of tolerance and open-mindedness among students.

Razzaz was struck by the extent of intolerance for the opinions of others among students, often ending up in violent manifestation. This is not the kind of citizens that Jordan wants or needs as it treads a path of multi-faceted progress towards enlightenment, the education minister said.

He, therefore, outlined a blueprint for academic reform that went viral on social media after he posted it on his Facebook page. What Razzaz seeks is to expand the horizon of formal education into other non-academic dimensions to cultivate among the young generation new thinking and perspectives, including the promotion of team work, sports, arts, voluntary work and the tools for dialogue and multi-disciplinary pursuits.

The minister seeks to have no less than 20 per cent of education devoted to the aforementioned complimentary pursuits to create a new generation of Jordanians who bring with them the age of enlightenment, critical thinking and, above all, open-mindedness.

There is much gratitude and appreciation for Razzaz for opening the door of contemporary education, and one hopes that the government and the public give him all the support he needs.

To be sure, there will be opponents to the modernisation of school and university curricula, but hopefully the majority of people would stand by him in his attempt to bring for the country hope for a better future.

Without proper educational system and sophisticated curricula for our schools and universities, there would be little chance for progress. The minister is like a breath of fresh air. Let us give him an opportunity to upgrade teaching methods for the better.

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