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Courageous fatwa by Pakistani clerics

Jan 18,2018 - Last updated at Jan 18,2018

More than 1,800 key Muslim clerics in Pakistan have issued a timely fatwa (religious edict) Tuesday declaring suicide bombing unlawful, irreligious and anti-Islam. 

The courageous Pakistani imams need to be commended for their religious edict by taking a bold position in no uncertain terms against suicide bombing, especially because it disrespects life and does not spare the lives of innocent people including children in order to drive a message of fear and suppression amongst their people in their respective nations. 

Suicide bombings in all their shapes and forms and irrespective of their motivation have gained currency in many countries especially in Muslim countries.

The perpetrators are often indoctrinated to believe that their cruel and criminal actions are in the service of Islam and their reward would be a place in paradise. It is high time that suicide bombers are condemned in no uncertain terms as infidels of the worst kind. 

Religious leaders are encouraged to speak out against these evil crimes against humanity. So many innocent people are being killed in the name of religion and all attempts thus far to uproot suicide bombings have failed to stop them. This means more needs to be done.

The initiative of the Pakistani religious muftis against suicide bombing could be the beginning of a wider campaign to combat this phenomenon once and for all. The Pakistani initiative should become the start of a universal campaign to reverse the tide of suicide killings in other parts of the Muslim world, it being understood that this form of indiscriminate killing is anathema to true Islam and must be defeated by all available means. 

Life in Islam is precious, especially the life of innocent people be they children or adults. 


Suicide killing of non-combatant people is sacrilegious and must be combated by all means including campaigns by religious leaders. That is what the Pakistani religious community aimed to do when they issued their edict against suicide bombings and that is what other religious groups in other Muslim countries need to do as well.

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