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Going by the law

Feb 05,2015 - Last updated at Feb 05,2015

The EU was quite critical of Jordan’s execution of two Iraqis, duly condemned to death by a court of law in 2006 and 2007 respectively for their criminal role in terrorist activities that cost human life, ostensibly because of its “principled” position against the death penalty.

EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said after the executions, carried out Wednesday, that reaction to the killing of Muath Kasasbeh “needs to be consistent with our common values on justice”, and “guided by the respect of international human rights law and humanitarian law”.

The EU official does not seem to grasp the sorrow, anguish and pain experienced by all Jordanians after seeing one of their countrymen burned to death in a cage.

That sight is more than any human being can bear, a “death penalty” that should be condemned by all humanity.

There is no unanimity among the international community or relevant international law regarding capital punishment.

The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights does not provide blanket prohibition of death penalty.

Even ICCPR’s second Optional Protocol against the death penalty makes an exception in an armed conflict, allowing state parties to make a reservation with regard to acts of war.

The two Iraqis were executed in accordance with Jordan’s laws and its international treaty obligations.

This is no time to cast doubts about Jordan’s legitimate reaction to the barbaric murder of its pilot.

The EU should strongly condemn his murder and rally behind the global efforts to search and destroy the so-called Islamic State murderers through all available means, including military.

IS’ ambition is not to stop at Arab borders. It seeks to impose its rule over as much of the world as possible, a thought no sane nation finds palatable.

To prevent such abomination from happening, nations of the world should come together to fight and destroy it, not dissipate their energy criticising as a matter of “principle”, something IS never had or heard about.

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