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Merry Christmas

Dec 24,2019 - Last updated at Dec 24,2019

It is once again Christmas, an occasion to spread peace, hope and compassion among people across the world. 

The Christmas message is to bring peace to the world and the occasion is particularly important in the troubled Middle East, where death and chaos continue to cause suffering.

The Christians of the Middle East are an integral component of society and their contribution to their countries is immense. The Christians of Jordan have contributed, alongside their Muslim fellow citizens, a great deal to the development and progress of the Kingdom, all while living side-by-side in peace and harmony.

On Monday, His Majesty King Abdullah received church leaders in Jordan and Jerusalem, leading Jordanian Christian figures and representatives of Islamic and awqaf institutions.

The King expressed his best wishes to Christians in Jordan, Palestine and the whole world on the occasion of the holiday season, stressing that Muslims and Christians in Jordan are one family working for the nation’s progress and prosperity.

Relations between Muslims and Christians in Jordan set an example for the rest of the peoples of the region and elsewhere as coexistence has been a mainstay of the Kingdom since its foundation.

Christmas, a time of hope, is also an occasion to remember Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, and remind the entire world that this holy place, like the rest of Palestine, is still suffering under decades-old Israeli occupation.

Today, Bethlehem’s residents are confined to only around 15 per cent of their total land amid 23 illegal settlements.  In the Gaza Strip, the Israeli occupation is not allowing Christians in the besieged coastal enclave to visit Bethlehem and Jerusalem to celebrate Christmas this year.

Today, the world needs to take concrete action to free the Palestinian people from the cruelty of Israeli occupation, its continued intransigence and violations of all international laws, treaties and norms.

As  Christmas remains a season of joy and hope, and as Jordanians, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, celebrate this joyous occasion alongside the Christian community, we at The Jordan Times wish Christians everywhere a Merry Christmas.

May this festive season bring justice, progress, peace and happiness to all.

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