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No half measures against IS

Jan 31,2015 - Last updated at Jan 31,2015

The attack on a major Egyptian military base in the north of Sinai Thursday night, which left no less than 40 people dead, most of them soldiers, and over 60 injured, is significant not only because of the huge number of victims, but also for the fact that it was carried out by the Egyptian wing of the terrorist group that calls itself Islamic State.

IS, it seems, is now taking its battle against moderate Arab countries all the way to Egypt, after having made unexpected gains in Iraq and Syria.

The four separate attacks against the Egyptian military base were among the bloodiest in years against Egyptian security personnel. They show the extent to which IS is wiling to go to undermine the security and stability of this important Arab country, after having left a trail of death and destruction in the region that should worry not just Middle Easterners, but the world beyond in equal measure.

The fact that IS targets several Arab countries should be reason enough for Arabs and Muslims across the world to come together and coordinate efforts to wage war against the spread of this malignancy.

Jordan has long stated its conviction that IS is no longer a threat to just Syria and Iraq but to other Arab countries as well.

His Majesty King Abdullah has repeatedly warned that there is pressing need for joint Arab-Muslim action against terrorism and radicalism in the area, especially of the kind espoused by IS.

The best line of defence against IS would be a joint Arab-Muslim comprehensive plan of action that includes military preparedness and action.

The countries of the region must take the war against IS to its turf, not allow it to reach them.

Short of doing that, shocking attacks like the one suffered by Egypt will become more common and this vile group will hold the entire region hostage to its unholy designs.

No half measures work against IS. This tumour has to be excised decisively and fast before it metastasises and destroys the entire region.

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