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Prime Minister May’s last resort

Jan 13,2019 - Last updated at Jan 13,2019

British Prime Minister Theresa May still has some ammunition in her bag to confront, and maybe defeat, her opponents not only from the opposition Labour Party members of the House of Commons, but also from those among her own Conservative Party, who emerged as among the fiercest opponents of her Brexit deal with the EU.

Prime Minister May can suddenly resign and call for parliamentary elections to throw a wrench into the chain of events that could deal a death blow to her Brexit deal. Such a bold decision by May would be tantamount to holding another referendum on the issue, without calling it as such.

May has opposed another referendum on Brexit as a matter of principle but can go around this stance by simply resigning and calling for parliamentary elections. This way, the citizens of the United Kingdom would have another opportunity to express their opinion and verdict on whether May's deal with the EU is acceptable or not.

It must have been disappointing for May to see her own party faithful stand so firmly against what she considers the best and only available way to implement the withdrawal of her country from EU orbit with minimum cost.

Hardliners within the Conservative Party would have none of that, and are pushing their country to the brink of a catastrophe by rejecting outright a sensible way of exiting their nation from EU membership. Mind you, the prime minister may still lose the vote in the proposed general elections, but at least she would have tried her best to save her country from the irreparable damage that would ensue if her opponents from both sides of fence have their way.

It is being understood and admitted that there is no ideal way for the UK to end its membership in the EU. There is going to be a price to pay either way, no matter what method or deal is negotiated and arrived at for this purpose.

In the final analysis, the ultimate decision must be taken in relative terms and in the most cost effective way. Let us hope the British people make the right decision this time to save themselves, and the world, much anxiety about the British economy.

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