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True leadership, true Jordanian mettle

Apr 11,2020 - Last updated at Apr 11,2020

Uplifting the spirits of the nation, His Majesty King Abdullah, in a timely address to the Kingdom on Friday, underscored that Jordanians’ unity, dedication and resolve are a source of confidence and strength at a time when the globe is under the grip of the coronavirus pandemic.

Invoking the resilient traits of a small but resolute nation, the King said that Jordanians are a testament to true sacrifice and selflessness, noting: “You are giants because you live in a nation that places human dignity above all else.”

Anticipating the dangers of a deadly pandemic well in advance and analysing best-case and worst-case scenarios, Jordan has charted out preventive measures and strategies far ahead of many nations.

The Kingdom has imposed some of the most stringent measures in the world to keep the pandemic, to a considerable extent, at bay by imposing a nationwide curfew, coupled with a slew of economic relief packages to cushion the effects of the lockdown.

The entire state machinery has swung into action to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 and the authorities’ well-timed measures are starting to pay dividends as reflected in the relatively low number of infections and casualties.

It comes as no surprise that a small, unified nation’s battle against a deadly pandemic can earn it global recognition — international media is citing the Kingdom as a model in handling the pandemic.

But Jordan has no time to rest on its laurels. The authorities are well aware of the need to preserve the momentum of the battle against the virus until it is totally eradicated.

His Majesty has been continuously following up on measures carried out by the Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army and all other government organs related to the coronavirus, conducting field visits and chairing meetings reviewing developments in this front.

And now, the King’s message to the nation is a morale-booster for its army of health cadres on the front lines against the virus and its anxious population in lockdown.

“I am always asked, why do you stand with confidence among nations when you come from a small country with limited resources? And I say, I stand confident, strong and proud, because I am in the company of a great, prideful people, who stand united with their army and security agencies, who support their state institutions and who work tenaciously and professionally and sacrifice bravely,” His Majesty said.

Recognising the historic gravitas of the moment, the King has reassured the nation, and Jordanians as always, will rally behind the Hashemites, drawing courage and comfort from their leadership’s clear directives.

“Yes, my family, my source of fortitude, we will overcome these conditions, God willing. Because Jordanians show their true mettle in the face of hardship; because you are determined and resolute; because you are up to the responsibility; because belonging to this nation and standing by the state and its institutions is what you do; and because you believe that in solidarity lies strength and a better future; we shall, God willing, overcome all challenges.

“Yes, soon, prayers will be held in mosques and churches, streets and markets will be bustling, workers will return to their factories, employees will return to their offices, and our sons and daughters, the students, will head to their schools and universities every morning. Soon, this will become a reality. This, too, shall pass, God willing,” His Majesty said.

King Abdullah’s words speak to these times and illustrate true leadership. His message to the nation injects a much-need dose of inspiration and hope to get us through these times of adversity and steady the nation reeling under the pandemic crisis.





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