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'Italia, Culture, Mediterraneo': A yearly Italian cultural programme in Jordan

Feb 03,2018 - Last updated at Feb 03,2018

A bridge between Italy and Jordan, two countries belonging to a region united by the Mediterranean is the meaning of a wide-ranging initiative promoted by the Italian diplomatic network, which for the entire 2018 will implement a great cultural programme in the countries of the Middle East and North Africa. The title of the programme, “Italia, Culture, Mediterraneo”, evokes pluralism and dialogue between the two shores of the Mediterranean. A dialogue based on the exchange and enhancement of different cultural and social identities, which combines tradition, innovation and creativity.

Italy’s presence in Jordan is synonymous with constructive dialogue and sharing common values. The Mediterranean region has always been the privileged place for the transmission of common messages in which culture, today as in the past, is a privileged channel for stability and peace. During 2018, the Italian embassy in Amman has thus, imagined an ideal path that will contribute to highlighting the wealth of this heritage. The events in Jordan are part of over 500 initiatives to be implemented in the region.

The programme will be officially presented on Sunday, February 4, in the presence of Talal Abu Ghazaleh, at the TAG Knowledge Forum in Amman. The first initiative of the programme is the precious exhibition of calligraphic art “Writing the Divine Comedy”, which will open on February 5 at the “Artisana Gallery 14”. A group of artists belonging to the great traditions of Latin, Arabic and Chinese calligraphy are confronted in giving life to the first verses of the masterpiece of Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy. Still within the visual arts, further initiatives will include an exhibition of sketches by Kamel Mahadin on the UNESCO sites of Petra and Matera and two photographic expositions on contemporary Oriental Christians titled “Nostalghia” and on the historic Philadelphia Hotel in Amman, where the Italian embassy in the Kingdom was first hosted.

Another significant part of the programme is a visual project by artist Margherita Moscardini, titled “Inventory. The Fountains of Za’atari”. More events will embrace live shows, music and theatre.

Archaeology confirms itself as one of the key areas in the collaboration between our two countries, as demonstrated by the establishment of the Consortium of Italian Archaeological Missions in Jordan.

Part of the “Italia, Culture, Mediterraneo” programme will be dedicated to Father Michele Piccirillo; 10 years after his death. A reference figure in this region, both as an archaeologist and as a man of faith always open to dialogue with other religions, he has left a human and scientific heritage that will be developed in different celebrations, ending with the “International Conference on the History and Archeology of Jordan”, scheduled in Florence in January 2019.

The theme “Italia, Culture, Mediterraneo” will also inspire some of the annual events, such as the Italian Language Week and the Italian Cuisine Week, already part of the Italian Legacy in Jordan. Dialogue, listening and arts; with these keywords, which will inspire the programme, we would like to promote a cooperative approach, encouraging the exchange of ideas with local actors, artists, scientists and the public.



Giovanni Brauzzi is ambassador of Italy to Jordan. He contributed this article to The Jordan Times.

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